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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

[THE AVIATION BOOKSHOP] : a date for your diary Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd APRIL 2017

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All New & Second hand books and kits will be reduced by 25%
Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd APRIL 2017
SATURDAY 9am – 6pm / SUNDAY 9am – 3pm


SBAP site update on 19-03-2017

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

This week on SBAP web site:

Military Museum Warsaw
Follow us into the army museum located
near the Warsaw Ghetto museum
and have a view on the aircraft exhibited there.
Presented by: Pierre Taquet
Next issues:
Gosselies traffic update…Scampton Heritage center… Waddington Heritage center…
ARC Duxford… Biggin Hill hangar…
And much more to come...Stay tuned
Be so kind to share our links with all your interested friends...Enjoy your visit


The SBAP team

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Yves Duwelz

News about Aviation in Belgium and related subjects focusing on restoration and historic subjects.
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[Help] schéma couleurs du ASK 13 PL 66

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Bonjour les amis
Pour un projet" maquettes" je cherche à reconstituer les différents schémas de peinture qu'à eu le ASK 13    PL66 des Cadets de l'air
que j'ai acheté en octobre 2004.
Il a été livré fin 1976 directement de chez Schleicher aux CDA J'ai tous ses schémas depuis 2000. Je pense qu'il a du avoir au moins deux autres schémas voire plus;
Un appel sur la page FB des CDA n'a rien donné (si ce ne sont des copies de logbooks de cadets qui ont volé avec ce planeur,
certains disent avoir peut être des photos mais rien ne vient)
Puis je vous demander si vous avez des photos du PL66 dans un schéma différent de celui qui est sur la photo attachée ( que j'ai prise le jour ou je l'ai acheté –15 octobre 2004)
càd  les schémas entre fin 1976 et +/- l'an 2000. tout est bon quelque soit la qualité de la photo .
A défaut voulez-vous transmettre la demande à des instructeurs ou cadets d'avant 2000 avec moi en copie
merci d'avance pour votre aide

[] VIDÉOS | Nous avons simulé les trois routes du survol de Bruxelles au départ de Zaventem

VIDÉOS | Nous avons simulé les trois routes du survol de Bruxelles au départ de Zaventem
Les plans de vol au départ de l'aéroport de Bruxelles en direction du sud suivent trois routes principales. Ces routes survolent Bruxelles et sont responsables de fortes nuisances.
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[L'Echarpe Blanche ] Découvrez l’affiche du meeting Compiègne Aéro Classic 2017

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Bertrand Brown a publié :"Comme toujours, c'est l'artiste Antoine Crespin qui a réalisé l'affiche du meeting Compiègne Aéro Classic 2017 et cette édition est à la hauteur de ses réalisations précédentes. Vous pouvez découvrir et acheter ses œuvres sur son site"

Nouvel article sur L'Echarpe Blanche

Découvrez l'affiche du meeting Compiègne Aéro Classic 2017

par Bertrand Brown
Comme toujours, c'est l'artiste Antoine Crespin qui a réalisé l'affiche du meeting Compiègne Aéro Classic 2017 et cette édition est à la hauteur de ses réalisations précédentes. Vous pouvez découvrir et acheter ses œuvres sur son site
Bertrand Brown | mars 2, 2017 à 11:00 | URL :

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Update Lunak dd 01/03/2017

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Beste Luchtvaartvrienden,
de website werd zopas bijgewerkt.
De nieuwigheden kan u terugvinden via onderstaande link :
Bedankt voor jullie bezoeken,

New Mirage 2000 display team

New Mirage 2000 display team
After the disbandment of French Air Force display team Ramex Delta in 2016, the new tactical display duo was formed flying Mirage 2000 aircraft.Ramex Delta flew for the last time during RIAT 2016 airshow, where I had the opportunity to watch their …
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Air & Space Power Journal, Spring 2017

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Air and Space Power Journal
Spring 2017, Volume 31, No. 1
AFRP 10-1

Dr. Phillip S. Meilinger, Colonel, USAF, Retired
The Norwegian Campaign in the spring of 1940 was the first major joint and combined operation of World War II in the European theater. Not only did the British and French work together to attack the German occupiers in the far north but also the military forces of all the participants included land, air, and sea elements.


Maj Dillon R. Patterson, USAF
Modern engineering advancements are yielding small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of employing weapons with precision and lethality. The low cost of production is leading to global proliferation of these systems; large and small nations alike are incorporating small unmanned aerial systems into their militaries as are nonstate actors. Small systems provide unique tactical advantages that can evade or overwhelm modern air defenses, creating the potential for an adversary to attain victory where previously unable to do so.

Air Mines: Countering the Drone Threat to Aircraft
Lt Col Leslie F. Hauck III, USAF
Dr. John P. Geis II, Colonel, USAF, Retired

Like the space debris threat to satellites, drones will soon become an "air debris" or "air mine" threat to aircraft. Drones, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), unmanned aerial vehicles, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are increasingly smaller and cheaper. The USAF currently refers to all of its UAS weapons systems today as RPA, but someday soon, automation may actually take the "P" (pilot) out of the loop, making them actual drones. Such advancements allow other previously impractical offensive attack and defensive counterair tactics that challenge air superiority, or airspace domain control.
Putting the Right Man in the Loop
Maj Jaylan M. Haley, USAF

This article argues that the Department of Defense (DOD) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force and uniformed services must continue to reform intelligence operations but they must rise above reliance on hardware purchases to solve its problems. Innovation, particularly at the tactical level, must extend to organizational and process remodeling. Rather than relying on gadget solutions alone, the DOD can achieve a greater return on investment by enacting changes to its intelligence organizations' behaviors and processes.
Airpower and Irregular War: A Battle of Ideas
Dr. John T. Farquhar

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, "Why Air Power Alone Won't Beat ISIS [Islamic State Iraq and Syria]," military historian and foreign-policy analyst Max Boot presents a clear thesis expressed in his title: anti-ISIS coalition airpower efforts will fail if not combined with ground forces. His article describes early airpower theories and their limitations confronting irregular warfare.

The Myth of Strategic and Tactical Airlift
Capt Jacob D. Maywald, USAF
Col Adam D. Reiman, USAF
Dr. Alan W. Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired
Lt Col Robert E. Overstreet, USAF

When selecting airlift assets for a given intertheater movement requirement, current mobility airlift planning typically defaults to the larger, more capable strategic fleet. However, empirical evidence shows increasing delivery method diversity can raise efficiency and reduce costs. This paper identifies potential efficiencies by holistically considering airlift assets, regardless of their classification as tactical or strategic, in the planning of air mobility operations. A model was created that enumerates logical airframe combinations for a specific airlift operation, given a set of user-defined constraints.
The Doolittle Raid75 Years Later
Dr. Robert B. Kane, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired

Early morning, 18 April 1942, 16 US Army Air Forces B-25B Mitchell medium bombers, led by AAF Lt Col James A. "Jimmy" Doolittle, took off from the USS Hornet, commanded by Navy Capt Marc Mitscher, about 750 miles east of Japan. About noon Tokyo time, the Doolittle Raiders dropped their bombs on six Japanese cities, and, although they hit most of their targets, the attack itself had minimum effect on Japan's war-making capabilities. Furthermore, Colonel Doolittle lost all 16 aircraft and three men, and the Japanese army captured eight and executed three of them as war criminals.
Ensuring Surety of Supply through Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Maj Marcus R. McWilliams, USAF

Price instability in the global petroleum markets in the last 15 years and a desire to reduce dependence on foreign oil have caused a push to develop fuels derived from alternative or sustainable sources. How can the Air Force take advantage of the emergence of sustainable aviation fuels (i.e. aviation biofuels)? This article discusses the current state of aviation biofuel development, the implications for USAF operations worldwide, and reinforces the need to stay in sync with commercial aviation fuel standards.
Book Reviews
Reconstructing a Shattered Egyptian Army: War Minister Gen. Mohamed Fawzi's Memoirs, 1967-1971
Youssef H. Aboul-Enein
Reviewer: John C. Binkley, PhD

Fallen Astronauts: Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon
Colin Burgess and Kate Doolan
Reviewer: Lt Col Lloyd Malone, Jr., USAF

Lavi: The United States, Israel, and a Controversial Fighter Jet
John W. Golan
Reviewer: Maj Matthew C. Wunderlich, USAF

The Global Village Myth: Distance, War, and the Limits of Power
Patrick Porter
Reviewer: John H. Barnhill, PhD

Forgotten Fifteenth: The Daring Airmen Who Crippled Hitler's War Machine
Barrett Tillman
Reviewer: Dr. Csaba B. Stenge

Historical Studies in the Societal Impact of Spaceflight
Steven J. Dick
Reviewer: Capt Haley Shea B. Hicks, USAF

Counter Jihad: America's Military Experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
Brian Glyn Williams
Reviewer: 2nd Lt Briana N. Dutcher, USAF

Victor Alert: 15 Minutes to Armageddon; The Memoir of a Nuke Wild Weasel Pilot
Maj Gen Lee Downer, USAF, Retired
Reviewer: Col Brian E. Wish, USAFR
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