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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Dogfight update

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Who am I ?
A free electron …

I have always been, and remain a "free electron".
It is this freedom of thought that guides me in my website "DOGFIGHT".
The search for truth is priceless…

John Boyd the father of the Energy-Maneuverability Theory, Robin Olds the best wing commander of the Vietnam War, were a glaring example of having said the truth out too loudly, they were sacked …

I may be wrong, my truth may not be the truth … but at least it is a " free" opinion…

The replacement of the F-16 by a " craft " that features the latest advanced technology, puzzles me, while other solutions adapted to the feasible reality are not considered …

±   30 multipurpose" aircraft ± 100 millions $ each, with proportional implementation costs
± 100 close air support aircraft ±   20 millions $ each, with proportional implementation costs

My personal opinion is that you make your decision "choice" according to the needs.
As a military man your decision-making process is based on the threat.
As a political decision maker the fundamentals are politic (NATO) and economic (budget).

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