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Monday, 6 July 2020

SBAP site update on 05-07-2020

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

This week on SBAP web site:

Brussels Airport: Covid-19 Flts (Part 13)Brussels Airport arrivals and departures between 28-06-2020 and 04-07-2020
It was, as you will see, a busy week. It is clear that passenger traffic has resumed
with the start of summer holidays. You will still find some cargo planes, but above
all charter flights vacation oblige. OO-XXX registrations have also gone back to the
sky but not at 100% yet. There was also some Military traffic for the roundels lover.
But remember, our friend of the moment, Covid alias corona is not yet gone
100% either.. So, one last word: stay careful!


Much more to come...Stay tuned…
Be so kind to share our links with all your interested friends...Enjoy your visit


The SBAP team

Garanti sans virus.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

[European Defense Agency] First MRTT aircraft delivered to Eindhoven

Thank you Philippe

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Brussels Air Museum : The nose of the Airspeed AS.10 Oxford O-16 under repair.

Eight years ago, a truck maneuvering in air hall of the Royal Army Museum damaged the nose of the preserved aircraft.

Although replacement parts were quickly obtained from the RAF Museum, volunteers of the museum have now the possibility to repair the rare trainer on the continent.

The Belgian Air Force acquired the first Oxford before World War two then to train the future crews of twin engine aircraft then on order.

The Oxford was extensively used by the Air Forces of Commonwealth to train bombers crews and for liaison duties.

After the war, the Belgian Air Force acquired 42 Oxford serving mostly with the 15 Wing (Transport) but also to help the transition from single engine aircraft to twin engine aircraft as the Meteor and as ack aircraft for fighter squadrons. From 1955, the Belgian Oxfords were phased out but O-16 was preserved thanks to the Belgian Air Force. The civil version of the Oxford, the Airspeed Consul was also used in Congo by the Force Publique.

The aircraft is also mostly made of wood. Only 6 Oxford are known to be preserved in the world and although less glamourous than a Spitfire, this aircraft is a good example of the successful British trainers. Another rare gem in the Brussels collection.

The volunteers also plan to correct the color of the aircraft adding the missing yellow training bands.

Photo Philippe Levecq 

Friday, 3 July 2020

[ASL Acedemy] Eerste Sonaca 200 Pro EFIS voor ASL Academy

I am afraid this is a winner made for winners

Eerste Sonaca 200 Pro EFIS voor ASL Academy • Piloot & Vliegtuig
De ASL Academy uit Antwerpen heeft donderdag (2 juli) de eerst van twee bestelde Sonaca 200 Pro EFIS trainingsvliegtuigen in ontvangst genomen.
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Thursday, 2 July 2020

1 Wing Historical Centre Beauvechain réouverture

Visite - Bezoek - Visit

Plus qu'un Musée - Meer dan een Museum - More than a Museum
Visites à nouveau possibles à partir du 19 juillet.
Application des mesures Covid19
Suite au COVID-19 nous ne pouvons accueillir que 5 personnes par heure dans les bâtiments, masque obligatoire, distanciation à respecter.

choisissez le 1er ou le 3e dimanche
choisissez l'heure de visite: 14h - 15h - 16h - 17h

pas de limite pour l'extérieur en respectant la distanciation, ne pas toucher les matériels exposés 
 ou 0479444122

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[] Lis ceci sur Un pilote belge réalise un exploit mondial

Conseil de lecture
Yves Duwelz,

J'ai lu cet article sur et j'aimerais le partager avec toi.

Un pilote belge réalise un exploit mondial

Parti de Bretagne, le pilote belge a réussi le rare exploit de rallier l'Allemagne en planeur, soit un vol sans moteur long de 1.254 kilomètres... 
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