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Picture of the day : Lockheed C130 H CH-11 Deurne (Antwerpen) during the Bevrijding feesten in Sptember 2019

[Wings of History] original Hanriot HD1

Open Deur 2020 Goetsenhoven GEANNULEERD !

Sad news but ready for 2021

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Beste standhouders, deelnemers, piloten, sponsors,…

In naam van Aeroclub ULM Goetsenhoven en Aeroclub De Wouw,
Moet ik met spijt jullie melden dat onze Open Deur Vliegveld Goetsenhoven op 5 & 6 september 2020  GEANNULEERD wordt.
Gezien de Corona-toestand hebben de bestuursleden van beide clubs overeengekomen dat het beter is om ons evenement te annuleren. Evenementen zullen tegen het einde van de zomer wel weer mogen, maar daar is nu nog geen zekerheid over.
We zullen ons in de nabije toekomst inzetten voor de 100ste verjaardag  Vliegveld Goetsenhoven op 4 & 5 september 2021. Wij hopen tegen dan op jullie aanwezigheid!

Hopende op jullie begrip. Hou het safe allemaal!!!

Jozef Vandevorst
                           ULM Goetsenhoven/Open Door Team 2020

Origamis / Papercrafts d'avions Dassault Aviation

Some ways to offer activities to the kids or entertaining our passion 

Origamis / Papercrafts d'avions Dassault Aviation
Téléchargez et imprimez les origamis / papercrafts d'avions Dassault Aviation : le Falcon 2000S et le Falcon 7X.
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[Book] Something to read ? Phileditions

Philedition published some interesting books in relation of "Belgians in the RAF and SAAF". 
Thank you to André B for sharing the information 
Phileditions The North American Mitchell - The Dutch, French & Poles Book Review by Mark Davies
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ALL THE DIGITAL TITLES ARE DISTRIBUTED BY CASEMATE and AMAZON: BUT ALSO the paperback versions by Aviation Megastore in the Netherlands:
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[] L'exposition de la Force Aérienne utilisée comme poste de triage coronavirus

L'exposition de la Force Aérienne utilisée comme poste de triage coronavirus
Depuis le 25 mars, l'hôpital « Heilig Hart » de Mol utilise l'exposition de la Force Aérienne comme centre de dépistage et de dispatching dans la lutte contre le coronavirus. L'hôpital a répondu à notre appel sur Facebook en demandant de mettre en …
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[] LWH Lucien Wagner Airshowtrips 2020

During and after the lockdown, it will essential to support the airshow family. Since years now Lucien permits to us to assist airshows. All the wishes, he, his familly and his friends are well to help a lot of us. 

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Date: ven. 20 mars 2020 à 19:00
Subject: LWH Lucien Wagner Airshowtrips 2020
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Beste vriend van het vliegwezen,

U kunt het programma van de AIRSHOWTRIPS 2020 raadplegen via de site:

met vriendelijke groeten,


*  *  *  *  *
Chers amis de l'aviation,

Le programme des AIRSHOWTRIPS 2020 peut être consulté via le site:



[aeronewstv] Ces gestes qui guident les avions au sol

Ces gestes qui guident les avions au sol
Vidéo aéronautique - Pour positionner leur avion sur leur point de stationnement les pilotes de ligne suivent les gestes d'un marshaller (agent de piste).
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[Morale boaster] SBAP site update on 22-03-2020

Colleagues are keeping the line open

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

his week on SBAP web site:
Events: (Special Asia)
Asian Airliners Delights
Our team member trip to Asia was also an opportunity for him to immortalize
commercial aircraft, the dream of many European aeronautical photographers who
love airliners. Some of them are well known in our countries, but some others
certainly not. In addition, special and colorful liveries are quite common in this part
of the world and our photographer has caught some splendid samples.
Fasten your seatbelts and off you go ...

Presented by: Philippe Decock & Text: Serge Van Heertum

Much more to come...Stay tuned
Be so kind to share our links with all your interested friends...Enjoy your visit


The SBAP team

[Vintage Wings of Canada] Letters from Home

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Vintage News by Vintage Wings of Canada

Letters from Home

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators
These are indeed troubled days. But there were recent times of equal or greater stress around the globe.  Families of servicemen and women in the Second World War felt the daily uncertainty of the future—especially in Europe. In those days, as is it today, the antidote was to stay connected through the mail.
In the days ahead, we thought you might enjoy a few reprises of some our favourite stories of the past—something to read to keep perspective. Inspiration can be found in the courage of these men and women. Find the people who rush to help, not those who seek to profit.  Click here to learn about how staying connected was of vital importance then... and now.

Copyright © Vintage News Updates 2020

[Belgian Defence] Belgen uit Spanje gerepatrieerd /Des Belges rapatriés d’Espagne

Merci Philippe,

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Belgen uit Spanje gerepatrieerd
Zondagavond 22 maart zijn 65 landgenoten met een militaire Airbus gerepatrieerd vanuit het Spaanse Las Palmas. Dat kondigde minister Goffin zopas aan.
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Des Belges rapatriés d’Espagne
Durant la soirée du dimanche 22 mars, 65 compatriotes ont été rapatriés de la ville espagnole de Las Palmas à bord d’un Airbus militaire. C’est ce que vient d’annoncer le ministre Goffin.
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Durant la soirée du dimanche 22 mars, 65 compatriotes ont été rapatriés de la ville espagnole de Las Palmas à bord d'un Airbus militaire. C'est ce que vient d'annoncer le ministre Goffin.
Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10


Yves Duwelz

Sharing is the key
News about Aviation in Belgium and related subjects focusing on restoration and historic subjects.
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Picture of the day Monument NP965

Merci Thierry

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Pour info sur le monument, Hangar Flying a publié mon texte dans son dernier update :

[] Brussels South Charleroi Airport ferme: l'aéroport arrête les activités dans ses terminaux le 24 mars à 23h59

Brussels South Charleroi Airport ferme: l'aéroport arrête les activités dans ses terminaux le 24 mars à 23h59
L'aéroport de Charleroi vient d'annoncer sa fermeture.
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[BAPA News] Latest news 20200322 : The first jet engines at BAPA

Please note the arrivals were well done before the current limitations of movement 

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Latest news
News 20200322: The first jet engines at BAPA
Dear Readers,
New arrival of items from the "Haute Ecole Condorcet" of Charleroi.

The "Haute Ecole Condorcet" has left its facilities at the "Université du travail, Charleroi". On this occasion, they made a donation of a few obsolete educational pieces.

On Wednesday 02/26/2020 BAPA took delivery of 2 Turboméca Marboré II jet engines (Fouga CM.170 Magister). One of the two is a cutaway for educational purposes. The second is complete and installed on its original maintenance support.

We hope that these jet engines are the beginning of a long series.

In addition, we have received two Continental 6-cylinder piston engines. The first engine is complete, while the second was used for engine disassembly and reassembly exercises. It needs to be completely reassembled or it will be exposed dismantled to show the inside of a piston engine. For the moment, no final decision has been made.

BAPA thanks Cédric Daumerie (HEPH-Condorcet) and Thierry Langlois for these splendid acquisitions.

Covid-19 Crisis

In order to limit the risk of contamination, the Worshop is closed and visits to BAPA by the public are cancelled until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience.

BAPA will open his doors to the public again as soon as possible.
More information about the news on

New website :
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Best regards,

[L'Echarpe Blanche] : Le meeting aérien "Le Temps des Hélices 2020" reporté

Delayed not yet cancelled

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Bonjour ,
Un nouvel article a été publié sur l'Echarpe Blanche :
Le meeting aérien "Le Temps des Hélices 2020" reporté

L'Echarpe Blanche

[Brussels Airlines] Message from our CEO.

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Thank you for your trust.
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Online version
Dear customer,

These days we are facing unprecedented circumstances, causing uncertainty amongst travellers around the world. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, we have been monitoring the situation hourly and we have evaluated all possible scenarios. Our priorities are clear: we want to be the most reliable airline towards you, be the best possible employer, and make sure we come back stronger after this crisis. That is why we have taken the difficult decision to suspend our operations between 20 March and 19 April included.

Also in difficult times, our customers will continue to be at the core of our activities. We cannot emphasize enough how sorry we are for the cancelled flights due to the corona outbreak. If you would decide to postpone your trip to a later time, even if your flight is not cancelled, we fully understand. We will assist you by extending our flexibility so you don't have to wait on the phone right now.

All passengers with a ticket booked before or on 31 March (with flights until 31 December – whether cancelled or not) can rebook their ticket until 31 August, to another travel date until 1 year after your original ticket purchase (or until 31 December 2020 whichever comes first). Furthermore, if you would like, you can also modify the origin and/or destination of your ticket. If you are interested in this possibility, there's nothing you need to do right now. Simply contact us before 31 August, when you have decided when you want to fly again. This way you can reschedule worry-free, without time pressure.

You can find all recent updates and information on, as well as the most frequently asked questions. In case we have new information, this will immediately be added on our website. Please make sure to visit before contacting our customer service, to avoid extra waiting times.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your trust in these challenging times. The health and safety of you and your loved ones always remain our highest priority, and we will never compromise on this commitment. We really appreciate your support and hope to welcome you on board again soon.
More info
Kind regards,
Dieter Vranckx

CEO Brussels Airlines