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BAPA Belgian Aviation Preservation Association Newsletter October 2013

October 2013

10 !
Last October 14th, the 10th aircraft joined the BAPA in Gembloux. This is a magnificent Austria Glider offered to us by Willy Marrot thanks to the help of Bob. After the arrival of the machine, she was quickly cleaned by the enthusiastic  team.

This is not the only news at our workshop.

Eric put on display  USAAF pilot equipment near the P-38 display. Our future visitors will have so the possibility to learn about flight gears.

Laurent continue to work on his front undercarriage but now he can simulate retraction and extension of the device. This is the first time in many years of active restoration  we make an aeronautical device back in functional state. Unusually, we restored parts for static display only. This achievement was completed in just 3 months.

Yves and Thierry started to work on the front fuselage. Taking advantage of their long experience, they first concentrate on the documentation. Thierry setup a professional logbook of all the operations performed on the airframe. They started to work on the airframe but any task if first carefully planned to cope with the manuals.

Eric also dismantled damaged parts on the central section of the wings to secure future operations and study what need to be done for repairs. It was a long and painstaking task.

Thanks to the results of the inauguration party (Thanks again Alex) . We started to buy the missing equipment for our restorations.  A dummy for Eric USAAF flight gear and others first necessity tools were purchased hunting the internet to find the best cost effective solutions. We are still looking for some missing tools, if ever you can help please find the list of what we search at   

All together we cumulated much more than 100 years  of experience. In this long time, we succeed in avoiding accidents during our restoration activities.  Safety is for us mandatory and critical. Aviation and specially the Belgian Air Force has a very long tradition of promoting safety by the use of posters.  We will use vintage safety poster at the workshop as a reminder of good practices and put a copy of these posters at  

On  the archiving from, we restarted to publish the already scanned documents of the Veys collection. More than 140 documents are now available at  
Our collection of digital aircraft manuals is now of 808 items ( . Robert provided to us some extra cabinets very helpful to store the documents we collected or we received.

André Dillien offered to us his Belgian registration files. The last update is available from

Thanks again to all those we support us. Our finance status is healthy for the end of this year but we need to increase our capabilities in 2014.

Any support, financial as well in gift of tools, archive or aircraft is still welcome. See more at

Many happy landings

All pictures available from our picture album
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To join the Bastards : +32 477931671 or +32 48536686 Email :

We do it because we did not know it is supposed to be impossible

Video playlist: "Luchtcomponent"

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Video playlist: "Composante Air"

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Photo Report "Hahnweide Oldtimer Treffen" 6-8 September 2013 by Jef Pets

Please have a look at the photo report by Jef Pets on the "Hahnweide Oldtimer Treffen" on 6-8 September 2013.
Click the pic to discover:

 Best regards,

Daniel Brackx


Belgian Wings Website Update: 28 October 2013


Daniel Brackx

Video: "live demonstration of Belgian medevac helicopter Agusta A-109 visit Peter de Crem Gao Mali"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013, French troops from operation Serval based in Gao has received the visit of Defence Minister of Belgium, Mister Peter De Crem (Read more ). He was accompanied by the Belgian Chief of Army Staff and a military delegation. Mister Peter Crem has visited the Belgian helicopter crews involved in the French operation Serval in Mali. Belgium has supplied two Agusta 109 helicopters which have been modified for MEDEVAC operations.

Army Recognition
Global Defence News
Online military magazine for defence and security industry
Worldwide Defense & Security News
Marketing and advertising for Defense & Security Industry and Exhibition
Land Forces equipment, weapons and vehicles

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Le Soir : Number one on the army’s list of concerns, Belgium has no choice but to replace its F-16 fighters

General Caelenberge deems that it's no longer possible to update the current fighters.
The budgetary and industrial impact of this upgrade alone will extend beyond the defense sector.
Even if Belgium replaced only half of its present F-16 fleet of 64 fighters at €75 million each, the expense would reach the €2.4 billion mark, almost the entire army budget. What if over the period of one year, all the police officers, firefighter and magistrate salaries, all the Interior and Justice departments expenses were absorbed by a single military purchase such as around thirty F-35 Lightning II fighters?



November Dispersals 2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association Newsletter

André Dillien OO registration lists updated

André Dillien OO registration lists
Here are the lists of André. You will find lists about aircraft registers for Belgium, Luxembourg and Congo as well Belgian pilots brevets. Please use the file index00.doc which contains the description of the files. If you want to communicate to André some corrections, please contact him at
André DILLIEN Rue des Cyclamens, 6 1170 Bruxelles 02/673.36.32 (Tel & Fax)
Update October, 27,, 2013
On September 1st, 2013, André offered his lists to the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA)

Video: "Niemand wordt achtergelaten"

29 Belgische militairen leren momenteel in Frankrijk hoe ze collega's die neerstorten of gewond raken in vijandelijk gebied moeten bevrijden. Van 25 september tot 11 oktober 2013 nemen ze op de luchmachtbasis van Cazaux deel aan de Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course (CJPRSC).

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Video: "Personne n'est laissé de côté"

Vingt-neuf militaires apprennent actuellement en France comment libérer leurs collègues qui se sont écrasés ou qui ont simplement atterri dans un territoire ennemi. Du 25 septembre au 11 octobre 2013, ils prennent part, sur la base aérienne de Cazaux , au Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course (CJPRSC).

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Video Ets Poncelet New life

 The Famous etablissement Poncelet known worldwide for their vintage propellers is the subject of this video from RTL. The future and long tradition of quality of the company is now ensured.

Visite de la manufacture de bateaux Poncelet à Charleroi


Vintage Wings of Canada : A Close Shave over Belgium update

Thx to this article, Nicolas Clinaz succeed in identifying a mysterious crash in Fleurus he had searched for years.

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators

The war was over, the mission was a milk run... not even necessary, but it would be closer to death than Flying Officer Hugh Bone ever got during his years as a combat pilot. Follow this link to learn more:

Dave O'Malley, Vintage Wings of Canada
If you wish to be added to or removed from our lists let us know.

Air & Space Magazine How To Hide an Airplane

From <>

How To Hide an Airplane

Start with a camouflage paint job.

  • By Roger A. Mola
  •, August 23, 2013

1 of 10 | Next »»

Israel Defense Forces

A stealthy aircraft can be nearly invisible to enemy radar if it's designed in the right shape, using materials that absorb or deflect the incoming energy. Making an aircraft less obvious to the human eye, however, can be as plain as paint.

SBAP site update on 27-10-2013

Forwarded message - From: Serge VAN HEERTUM 

Dear aviation enthusiast,
This week on SBAP web site


Colorful Boar...Grouik Grouik!
Escadron 3/3 Ardennes 70 years special paint.
A Régis Rocca design applied on Mirage 2000D N°648
The making of presented by Régis Rocca
Pictures: Régis Rocca, C. Nachtbauer (Point Fixe) & French Armée de l'Air

Coming soon:Sainte-Maxime Master Flight
Leylistad Museum
and much more...
Thanks for your support, enjoy your flight and always safe landing...
Don't forget to share our links with all your interested friends...
Enjoy your visit

The SBAP team


Video: "Hamilton Airshow 2013 - Merlin Flight (Mosquito, Lancaster, Spitfire, and Hurricane Formation)"

The Saturday performance of the "Merlin Flight", with individual and formation passes by the world's only flying de Havilland Mosquito, the only Lancaster flying in North America, a Supermarine Spitfire, and two Hawker Hurricanes. This was the finale of the Hamilton Airshow, hosted by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

For more aviation videos, photos, merchandise, and more, visit our website at

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Air Journal - Tout sur le transport aérien : Ryanair lance son calendrier sexy édition 2014

Posted: 23 Oct 2013 01:00 PM PDT
Comme à l'accoutumée, Ryanair lance son calendrier aux hôtesses dénudées pour faire sa publicité et aussi aider une organisation charitable en lui reversant les revenus de la vente du produit. La …
Ryanair lance son calendrier sexy édition 2014 is a post from: Air Journal

Publié le 23 octobre 2013 à 22h00 par Alain Lebas
dans Actualité, Insolite - 8 commentaires
Comme à l'accoutumée, Ryanair lance son calendrier aux hôtesses dénudées pour faire sa publicité et aussi aider une organisation charitable en lui reversant les revenu
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


The 2014 Airshow-season on Belgian Wings


The initial list of the major European meetings and airshows for the "2014 season" is now on line on the Belgian Wings website. Have a look by clicking the picture:


Daniel Brackx