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Saturday, 25 January 2020

[] [B-25] Des archéologues découvrent des restes d'avions de la Seconde Guerre mondiale près d'Auschwitz |

Des archéologues découvrent des restes d'avions de la Seconde Guerre mondiale près d'Auschwitz |
VARSOVIE, 24 janvier (.) - Des archéologues ont découvert les restes d'un bombardier de fabrication américaine piloté par l'Armée rouge soviétique pendant |
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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Video: "Great Sounding B-25 Mitchell Over Shoreham."


The B-25 Mitchell is a great sounding aircraft, you can almost hear the props slicing through the air, nice to see it return to the Shoreham.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Video: "Dutch Squadron 320 flights with B-25 Mitchell"

From august 1943 untill october 1944, Mitchell's B-25 were flying from the airbase of Dunsfold in England to the continent. Mostly to hit tactical objects like bridges, railways, constructionworks, and V1 or V2 launch pads. From mid october 1944, while most of Belgium had been liberated, missions were accomplished from the airfield of Melsbroek (today: Zaventem), near Brussels.
- Wereld Oorlog 2, Mitchell's B-25 van Squadron 320, onderweg naar doelen op het vaste land.

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Video: "Frits Prinsen, een flying Dutchman"

Een verrassende zoektocht van Helge Prinsen naar het verhaal van haar oom Frits Prinsen die tijdens de oorlog deel uitmaakte van het 320 of 'Dutch Squadron' van de Royal Air Force. Het squadron voerde de gehele oorlog bombardementen uit met B-25 Mitchells, zo ook op Vlissingen op 20 augustus 1943. Deze korte documentaire werd in 2008 uitgezonden bij Omroep Zeeland.

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Video: "Dutch Squadron 320 - 28 oct 1943"

On the 28th of october 1943, Squadron 320 sent a mission to the french port of Cherbourg, than occupied by the nazi's. Airplane FR174/K was hit by german FLAK, and the airplane crashed, There were no survivors. This was filmed from airplane FR151/C, by RAF photographer Off. Pulham, who became wounded on his left arm. Airplane "C" was also hit and damaged at different places, and made an emergency landing near Bournemouth. Also airplane FR156/V commanded by Off. T. de Liefde was hit by german FLAK. The starboard engine and propellor were damaged. This airplane made an emergency landing at Stoney Cross, the crew survived.
Airplane "C", was commanded by Off. Airman E.C. Loeff.

Wereldoorlog 2: het was 28 oktober 1943. Het nederlandse Squadron 320 vliegt met Mitchell B-25's naar Cherbour, toen bezet door de nazi's.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

BAPA Belgian Aviation Preservation Association Newsletter October 2013

October 2013

10 !
Last October 14th, the 10th aircraft joined the BAPA in Gembloux. This is a magnificent Austria Glider offered to us by Willy Marrot thanks to the help of Bob. After the arrival of the machine, she was quickly cleaned by the enthusiastic  team.

This is not the only news at our workshop.

Eric put on display  USAAF pilot equipment near the P-38 display. Our future visitors will have so the possibility to learn about flight gears.

Laurent continue to work on his front undercarriage but now he can simulate retraction and extension of the device. This is the first time in many years of active restoration  we make an aeronautical device back in functional state. Unusually, we restored parts for static display only. This achievement was completed in just 3 months.

Yves and Thierry started to work on the front fuselage. Taking advantage of their long experience, they first concentrate on the documentation. Thierry setup a professional logbook of all the operations performed on the airframe. They started to work on the airframe but any task if first carefully planned to cope with the manuals.

Eric also dismantled damaged parts on the central section of the wings to secure future operations and study what need to be done for repairs. It was a long and painstaking task.

Thanks to the results of the inauguration party (Thanks again Alex) . We started to buy the missing equipment for our restorations.  A dummy for Eric USAAF flight gear and others first necessity tools were purchased hunting the internet to find the best cost effective solutions. We are still looking for some missing tools, if ever you can help please find the list of what we search at   

All together we cumulated much more than 100 years  of experience. In this long time, we succeed in avoiding accidents during our restoration activities.  Safety is for us mandatory and critical. Aviation and specially the Belgian Air Force has a very long tradition of promoting safety by the use of posters.  We will use vintage safety poster at the workshop as a reminder of good practices and put a copy of these posters at  

On  the archiving from, we restarted to publish the already scanned documents of the Veys collection. More than 140 documents are now available at  
Our collection of digital aircraft manuals is now of 808 items ( . Robert provided to us some extra cabinets very helpful to store the documents we collected or we received.

André Dillien offered to us his Belgian registration files. The last update is available from

Thanks again to all those we support us. Our finance status is healthy for the end of this year but we need to increase our capabilities in 2014.

Any support, financial as well in gift of tools, archive or aircraft is still welcome. See more at

Many happy landings

All pictures available from our picture album
Visit us on
To join the Bastards : +32 477931671 or +32 48536686 Email :

We do it because we did not know it is supposed to be impossible

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Video : Netherlands Mitchell 'Sarinah' from the cockpit

Thx Dave

Forwarded message - From: Dave Poissant <>

It's my day for emails...Here's a link to flying sequences from the cockpit of the Netherlands B-25 'Siranah; she's obviously alive and well! Even if the music is a little over the top.
Thanks for Jan Kloos (Nav/B - 320 Sqn) for sending it along.

Dave Poissant

Veteranendag 2013 from Paul van de Ven on Vimeo.
Defile boven de Hofvijver. In tight formation with the Spitfire.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sarinah the Dutch B-25 made her first flight after restoration on 10May2013!

Thx Coert

Sarinah ontwaakt.

Na twee jaren binnen staan en na de nodige inwendige ingrepen en plastische chirurgie ondergaan te hebben was het op 22 maart 2012 eindelijk zover. Helaas mankeerde ze iets aan haar linkerbovenbeen en vind maar eens een los been voor een dame.
Gelukkig was er de mogelijkheid om alleen het bovenstuk te vervangen.
Nu ze startklaar buiten staat vraag ik mezelf af hoe zal ze reageren op al dat onheil dat over haar afgeroepen was?
En jawel hoor, direct na de eerste omwentelingen van de motoren kwam er rook uit haar oren en haar ogen schoten vuur, zo boos was ze.
Maar gelukkig toen ze voelde wie er aan de knuppels zat en ze op het platform de voor haar zo vertrouwde gezichten zag staan kwam ze meteen weer tot rust.
Verder gaf ze toen het voor haar typische showtje weg.
Toen na een minuut of tien de brandstofkranen dicht gingen en de motoren stopten zag ik meteen dikke vette tranen vallen.
O wat had ze graag meteen naar Duxford gevlogen om wat bij te praten met haar vrienden en vriendinnen daar.
Dit houdt ze nog tegoed.
Bedankt Sarinah.
Ton de Kort

Source :

Yves Duwelz has shared a video with you on YouTube

Opstarten B25 PH-XXV Sarinah na twee jaar onderhoud.
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Friday, 11 January 2013

Video: "How to Fly the North American B-25 "Mitchell" Medium Bomber (1944)"

"After watching Spencer Tracy roar off the deck in "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," I became a B-25 fan!" Zeno, Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In Don't miss our B-25 DVD

The Navy Department produced this North American B-25 pilot training film for use by all services. (Is that Tom Clancy at the controls?) Named after Billy Mitchell, the controversial pioneer of heavy bombing, this is the plane that Jimmy Doolittle chose to fly off the deck of carrier Hornet for the dramatic raid on Tokyo. Extremely versatile, the North American B-'25 was the US's most produced medium bomber, fighting in all theaters and exported to virtually all Allied air forces. An effective level bomber, it could also be equipped with a multitude of additional machine guns, rockets, and even a 75mm canon, for low level ground attack.
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Raoul Schreiden

Forwarded message From: Mehdi Schneyders

Another " Mitchell Boy " is gone

 Raoul Schreiden.
( 1923 - 2012 )

Cette photo a été prise dans le restaurant belge
" Chez Gaston ".

( collection André Bar )

                     Bonjour à tous. Voici le lien menant à la publication sur mon Blog, concernant Raoul Schreiden :

Passez un bon dimanche.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pictures : A B-25 Back to Brussels 2012-07-11

Dear  Friends,
This message to let you know that the central section of our B-25 has safely reached the workshop..
It now can start discussions with the landing gear front leg (that joined the workshop yesterday), and the other parts that were desperately waiting for some company.
The remaining sections, presently stored in Grimbergen, will soon follow the same path.
More about that coming move later during the holiday period.
Thank you to all helpers and supporters: Best regards to all

PS for more pictures:

It was an enthusiastic and boosting operation !


 A B-25 Back to Brussels 2012-07-11

Arrival of the central section of the B-25 to the restoration workshop. See us at
Display the album
Play the diaporama
Project page

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Memories of RAF B25s by FRASER MITCHELL

People in story: Raymond Mitchell
Location of story: UK, Belgium & Germany
Background to story: Royal Air Force
Article ID: A2299052
Contributed on: 15 February 2004
The following story was written by my father, Ray Mitchell, in 1995, for the newsletter of 139 Wing Association. 1995 was the 50th anniversary of VE Day, and also my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Called up in 1942, Ray had met my mother whilst working in the Air Ministry. He courted her throughout the rest of the war, until marriage in June 1945, a month after D-day. Final de-mob, and my arrival, came in 1946! 2005 will be their diamond-wedding anniversary. 139 Wing Association has now disbanded; living memory of WW2 will soon pass into history and be left to historians and others to argue about. It is important that those who were there tell their story.

Full story at

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

22 B-25 Mitchell bombers plan to take part in tribute to Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

 Twenty-two B-25 Mitchell bombers plan to take part in tribute to Doolittle Tokyo Raiders
 Aircraft will land on the runway behind the museum on April 17 and be placed on static display from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
 On April 18 the aircraft will fly in formation over the museum at 1 p.m. -- just prior to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Memorial Service
 These outdoor reunion events are weather contingent and subject to change

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

B-25 Mitchell bombers coming to Wright-Patt

Inline image 1

B-25 Mitchell bombers coming to Wright-Patt

Event will be one of biggest gatherings since WWII.

By Steve Bennish, Staff Writer 12:39 AM Thursday, March 22, 2012
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — The storied Doolittle raid on Japan during some of the darkest days of World War II will be relived next month here with one of the largest gatherings of B-25 Mitchell bombers since World War II.
The tribute from April 17-20 will commemorate the raid's 70th anniversary during a reunion at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, said Rob Bardua, museum spokesman..... see more on

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mehdi In my world : My tribute to Ivan Kicq (98 Squadron 139 Wing RAF - B-25)

Mehdi In my world

Posted: 18 Jan 2012 01:10 PM PST
( collection Mehdi Schneyders )

Voici une illustration que j'ai réalisé pour la veuve d'Ivan Kicq. Je lui enverrai dans les prochains jours. La mise en couleur a été faite à l'aide de crayons. L'insigne de l'escadrille et le lettrage sont en imitation or, sous forme d'acrylique. Les dimensions :
  • Hauteur : 15,50 cm
  • Largeur 10,70 cm

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hanover Street

About the B-25's used for Hannover street.
One of the them is under restoration in Belgium

Aeromovies - Films d'aviation

Guerre et Passion

Vo : Hanover Street

Les B-25 du film