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BBC - WW2 People's War - A Belgian officer in service with the RAF.

BBC - WW2 People's War - A Belgian officer in service with the RAF.
He was mobilised to resist any German attack.When the Germans finally attacked Belgium his regiment was ...
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LIVRE LES SPITFIRE MK.V The Belgian et Dutch Squadrons

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Oui, le 14 décembre, le shop au musée l'attend toujours !!!!
Mais je viens de recevoir le livre de Listeman « LES  SPITFIRE MK.V The Belgian et
Dutch Squadrons » les Spit du 350 et 349 SQ, 40 pages et 8 jolis profils.
Beau travail.

Amitiés   DD

Squadrons! No.30: The Supermarine Spitfire Mk V – The Belgian and Dutch Squadrons
Paradoxically, the Mk.V, which ended up being the most numerous variant of the famous fighter built, was not even an intended development of the design. Indeed, it was only considered because of th…
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Video: "Spitfires - Kenley Fighter Station (1940)"

Unused / unissued material -

Kenley, Surrey.

VS of lone Spitfire fighter of the RAF (Royal Air Force) starting up, taxiing out and taking off.

Various good panning shots of Spitfire squadron landing at station after sortie.

MS & CU Refuelling Spitfire.

CU Loudspeaker for scramble warning on hut roof.

VS as pilots run out to planes for scramble, climb aboard and taxi out.


Cataloguer's Note: Some shots are a little scratched - MD.
90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: ...

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[vintage-and-warbirds] Reliving Bomber Command 70 years later

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Reliving Bomber Command 70 years later

Mark McNeil
Hamilton Spectator

July 13, 2015

It's been a long time between Lancaster flights for Don McTaggart.

Seventy years ago, he was the rear gunner on the last mission of VR-X,
known as "X-TERMINATOR", a Lancaster aircraft that aviation history
buffs argue was the greatest of the Canadian-built bombers, surviving
an incredible 84 missions.

And Saturday he got to relive the flight experience, taking a ride on
VR-A, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Lancaster known as
"Vera", that was decorated for the day to look like the bomber he flew
in so many years before.

It was all a big surprise for the 90-year-old Belleville resident —
who worked in poultry processing in civilian life — when he arrived
Saturday morning. He had been invited by the museum to attend
Lancaster Day, a commemoration of the museum's famed bomber, one of
only two in the world still flying, but he had no idea that he would
have the chance to take to the skies.

"They surprised me all right. My daughter knew but they didn't tell
me," he said.

Of the flight, he said, "it was very nostalgic." Noisy, like he
remembered, but a fair bit more comfortable.

When he flew on the April 25, 1945 bombing mission to the Island of
Wangerooge in the North Sea, he was shoehorned into the rear turret of
the aircraft, where he was assigned to stay the entire time.

The flight on the weekend was in relative luxury. He could move
around, got to sit in the main body of the aircraft, and could
pleasantly look at the scenery through a porthole for the hour-long
flight that went to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

And, more importantly, there was no one trying to shoot the plane down
on the more recent flight.

"It's a great honour for me to be here today," he told the crowd. "I
never expected to live this long."

But even after all those years, his memories of the mission are vivid.
He got into active service late in the war and took part in only three
missions, the last of which was on X-TERMINATOR and now he is the only
person still living from that crew.

"We took quite a bit of flak," he remembered. "There was one plane
shot down by flak and there were six planes that went down from

Fortunately, his plane returned safely and did not suffer damage. At
that point in the war, the Nazis did not have an effective air force
that could threaten bombing missions from the air — although Allied
aircraft had to contend with anti-aircraft fire from the ground.

A total of 430 Avro Lancasters were built in Canada by Victory
Aircraft Limited at Malton, including the X-TERMINATOR and the
Lancaster owned by the Warplane Heritage.

Shortly after the war, the X-TERMINATOR found its way back to Canada
and was scrapped, much to the chagrin of aviation historians who felt
that it should have been kept for posterity.

"A lot of people feel they should have kept aircraft, but I guess they
didn't have the foresight at that time," says McTaggart.


Video: "Belgium's National Day (1941)"

Item title reads - Belgium's National Day.


Various shots of Free Belgians lined up at Wellington barracks to celebrate their national day. Various shots as some are decorated for gallantry. M/S of Belgian policeman. Various shots of military personnel. M/S of Monsieur Gutt, the War Minister, presenting a medal. A medal is presented posthumously to a female relative. Various shots of dignitaries. Various shots as Free Belgian troops march along.
90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: ...

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Video: "WW2 R.A.F Bomber Command Footage ( No still Photos) BMN-Network"

My channel is a NON PROFIT channel dedicated to Remembrance of the WW2 allied soldier."RAF Warfront." 1 January 1945: B25 Mitchells shown in action; while returning their pilots are told not to land at their usual airfields. Film of wrecked Mitchells etc. on airfield in Belgium/Holland sector following German attack. RAF Spitfires retaliate - good footage of dogfights with Me 109s. Messerschmitts crash into the snow; a German pilot bails out; one is shot down over a town; another crash-lands near a tramway. Shots of wrecked aircraft and dead pilots. The "battle of New Year's Day" is a reminder of the dangers of relaxing while the German "tiger" is still active.Video Provided & Authorized by Imperial War Museum. All rights reserved.

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Made in 1941 by the Crown Film Unit, FERRY PILOT was directed by Pat Jackson (of "Western Approaches" fame) and focuses on the work of the Air Transport Auxiliary or ATA. By 1941, literally hundreds of RAF fighters and bombers needed to be flown each day between aircraft factories, maintenance depots and RAF aerodromes. This vital task was carried out by the men and women of the ATA, a civilian air force operating from their own pools and stations all over Britain. Essentially a dramatised account of typical ATA deliveries, the film features coverage of the ATA's own fleet of Ansons, as well as being notable for some excellent Spitfire film and very rare footage of the Whitley bomber, including take off and in-cockpit sequences.This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit

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Video : Flag With A History 1942

Flag With A History 1942


Titles read: "FLAG WITH A HISTORY".

A Home Counties Aerodrome, somewhere in Britain.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands arrives in uniform at the aerodrome and meets the Belgian Defence Minister, Monsieur Gutt, and the Secretary of State for Air, Sir Archibald Sinclair. M Gutt makes...

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Belgian Wartime pilot Gustave Rens has passed away.

Colonel Gustave Joseph Albert Rens, one of the few remaining Belgian World War II pilots has passed away on Monday 6 May 2013.
Born at Aarschot on January 8th, 1917, Rens was taken prisoner during World War II but managed to escape in 1942. Arriving in England he joined the Royal Air Force were he trained to become a fighter-bomber pilot, ultimately joining an RAF Tempest V Squadron of 2nd TAF. After his military career Rens became president of the High Commission for War Invalids, Veteran Combatants and War victims. Rens reached the age of 96 years. 



Video: "Behind Blue Eyes - The Who. WWII RAF Pilots Music video"

Thx Philippe for sharing

The footage as far as I am aware is free of all Copyright. It shows the life of RAF Pilots during WWII and how they did their jobs but also still managed to have fun.

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Dozens of Spitfire planes to be excavated in Burma

Dozens of Spitfire fighter planes that were buried by British troops in Burma as the second world war drew to a close are to be excavated after an agreement to dig up the historic aircraft was signed by the Burmese government and an aviation enthusiast from Lincolnshire.
After 16 years of searching and lobbying, David Cundall, 62, has signed a deal to recover the lost RAF planes, which are believed to have been packed in crates and hidden by British forces on the orders of Earl Mountbatten shortly before the United States bombed the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.
During his visit to Burma in April, David Cameron reached an agreement with President Thein Sein about the recovery of the missing aircraft. The British embassy in Rangoon said the newly signed deal was a chance to work with the new Burmese government "in uncovering, restoring, displaying these fighter planes".
Excavation work is expected to begin by the end of this month. The number of Mark 14 Spitfires awaiting discovery remains unclear, but Htoo Htoo Zaw, managing director of Cundall's Burmese partner, the Shwe Taung Paw company, said he estimated there were at least 60. Previous estimates have varied between 20 and 36. Even that number would represent a large increase in the global Spitfire population: while 21,000 were built, only 35 remain in a good enough condition to fly.  (Source: The Guardian)

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Memories of RAF B25s by FRASER MITCHELL

People in story: Raymond Mitchell
Location of story: UK, Belgium & Germany
Background to story: Royal Air Force
Article ID: A2299052
Contributed on: 15 February 2004
The following story was written by my father, Ray Mitchell, in 1995, for the newsletter of 139 Wing Association. 1995 was the 50th anniversary of VE Day, and also my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Called up in 1942, Ray had met my mother whilst working in the Air Ministry. He courted her throughout the rest of the war, until marriage in June 1945, a month after D-day. Final de-mob, and my arrival, came in 1946! 2005 will be their diamond-wedding anniversary. 139 Wing Association has now disbanded; living memory of WW2 will soon pass into history and be left to historians and others to argue about. It is important that those who were there tell their story.

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Video: "One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942)"

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During the Allied Bombing offensive of World War II the public was often informed of overnight raids that resulted in a missing plane. Behind these sombre announcements hid tales of death and destruction. This is the story of one such bomber crew who was shot down and assisted home by a group of brave Dutch patriots.
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André Leleu Un ancien de la RAF vient de nous quitter Squadron 158 RAF

Un ancien de la RAF vient de nous quitter.
André LELEU s'est en allé rejoindre ses compagnons au paradis des aviateurs.
André LELEU est né le 15 septembre 1921 à Courtrai.
En février 1941, son frère Lucien et lui décident de Quitter la Belgique pour rejoindre l'Angleterre.
Après avoir traversé la France, l'Espagne et le Portugal ils arrivent à Gibraltar et embarquent, sous la protection de la Royal Navy, à bord d'un navire vers la Grande Bretagne.


More at

Philippe Deman


Video DVD Mony Van Lierde

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DVD inhuldiging monument Mony Van Lierde nu beschikbaar (duur 53 min)
DVD inauguration du monument de Mony Van Lierde maintenant disponible (duré 53 min)
IBAN  BE96 2930 3619 5405
25 eur + 5 eur post + mail ( naam/nom en adres/adresse

Ook te betalen via paypal
hier de knop en zet er deze link onder



Bobby Laumans, chevalier du ciel

Thx to Philippe & André to have spread the good news

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Bobby Laumans, chevalier du ciel

Vétéran de 39-45, le Belge Robert Laumans a été pilote de Spitfire au sein de la 350e de la RAF. Prisonnier de guerre, il a participé à la "Grande évasion". Ce week-end, il est à Duxford pour le 75e anniversaire de "son" avion.

Un beau roman ? Une belle histoire que celle de Robert Laumans, qui commence par un examen d'entrée à l'Ecole royale militaire en 1937 et, professionnellement, se termine en juin 1976 avec le statut de commandant de bord de Boeing 747, le plus grand aéronef commercial à l'époque, pour la Sabena. Mais surtout, en cette fin de semaine, "Bobby" Laumans est à Duxford, en Angleterre, qui commémore les 75 ans de "son" avion, celui qu'il pilota au sein de la Royal Air Force (RAF), en 1942: le légendaire Spitfire. Fait prisonnier après avoir été descendu, il participa à ce qui est devenu, au cinéma, "La grande évasion".