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video: "Banana Hobby OFFICIAL 2011 Commercial in HD!"

On December 6th, there is a local traditional fete where kids are receiving gift and toys.
We are a little bit in advance on the schedule. What can we hope ?


Hey friends! Here is the official Banana Hobby Commercial for 2011! Look for this to air on your Cable network channels soon! Banana Hobby! Taking Radio Control to the next level! Directed and written by my good buddy John Asher! He is one UBER talented individual and I look forward to all my future ventures with him! Thanks John! You are AMAZING! Thanks for viewing and remember to visit our website for the Newest and Hottest in RC! -Pete

video: "hélicoptère Dynali en kit"

Aircraft & helicopter developed and manufactured in Belgium are very rare.
So if a flying machine of this country meet success, this is a good new to share with all of you

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yduwelz has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Monter son véritable hélicoptère pour
100.000 Euros un rêve qui devient réalité pour certain...!!
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Dynali helicopteres

video: "construction of a nieuport 28.avi"

For the fun :-))

construction of a nieuport 28 from Airdrome aeroplanes walkaround Supermarine Spitfire FR.14 SG-57 Spitfire Museum Florennes airbase

   Supermarine Spitfire FR.14 SG-57 Spitfire Museum Florennes airbase

Pictures taken by Yves Duwelz on 27/11/2011


Departure from Araxos air base

The Belgian Air Force mission in Greece departed from Araxos air base on 21 November (rather late, as the NATO-led mission in Libya ended on October 31), thus ending its participation in the operation Unified Protector.

A photoreport on
Click on pic to follow the link.


Coll Philippe Veys : 3 new documents Ali Littoria - Breguet 19 - Breguet 27

Ali_Littoria_Relazione_Di_Bilancio,_1938_1939,__87_p,_Coll_P_Veys_compressed-Tagged.pdf Ali Littoria 1938 1939 Coll_P_Veys.pdf0 Activities of the Italian airline Ali Littoria in1938-1939 87 pages, compressed for display, Coll P Veys
Breguet 19-7 A2_biplace0 viewsDescription of Breguet 19-7 A2 biplace militaire published by Avions Breguet in 1930 8 pages, compressed for display, Coll P. Veys
Breguet 27 A2 biplace Coll P Veys0 Description of the Breguet_27 A2 biplace Repertoire des avions Louis Breguet published in 1930 28 pages compressed for display, Col P Veys


SBAP site update on 27-11-2011 : Fighting Falcon above Corsica


Dear aviation enthusiast,
This week on SBAP web site :
Arcivalia : 
Fighting Falcon above Corsica
In 1984, Guy Liesse have spent a visit to
the 349 squadron in shooting campaing at Solenzara...
Archivalia pages are back...More reports and pictures each week...
Thanks for your support, enjoy your flight and always safe landing...
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The SBAP team



Video: "Sabena Douglas DC-7C-"Seven Seas"-7/11/60"


Without question, the "7C" was the most handsome & regal of all the reciprocating "Dougs", and Sabena's gorgeous livery always lent itself well to the airplane's beautiful & stately lines.

Brief, but nice footage.

Be sure to check my channel for the BEST in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!

"The Boxart Den"

World's largest display & collection of FULLY RESTORED rare & collectable model kit box art

Monthly Magazine Anciens Aérodromes - November

From: l.bailleul 

Hello dear aviation enthousiast,

I join to you monthly magazine from Anciens Aérodromes association.

Best regards from France.

Laurent Bailleul


Collection Philippe Veys

aerodromes_belges_1934_Coll_Veys.jpgCollection Philippe Veys Box 1 
In August 2011, the collection Philippe Veys was given to the Brussels Air Museum Funds to be preserved digitally and put at the disposal of the aviation researchers.

Philippe Veys collaborated with many newspapers before World War 2 and collected documents about aviation. The Belgian Aviation History Library was selected for her capability to convert great quantities of paper to digital archives permitting easy access and the diffusion of this collection, the result of many years of hard labor of an Aviation Enthusiast.

We are proud to publish these documents and share them with the aviation community.

If you want to use these documents, please mention Collection Philippe Veys.
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Video : Boeing 747-200 Max Weight Takeoff

Thx Louis & Jean :-)

It's an excellent cockpit view (shot from the jump-seat) of an older 747-200 taking off on runway 08 at the Ostend Belgium airport at or very near max takeoff weight. I highly recommend you watch this video, and that you do so in the 720p HD setting and in full screen... you'll feel like you're right there with the crew!

371 ton take-off from RWY 08 Ostend. V1 164kts, Vr 176, V2 186kts. The aircraft gets airborne with approximately 800m of runway remaining. Shot from the jump-seat.

---------- Forwarded message From: Louis Nève From: Jean Schoefs

New aircraft Datafile on line on Belgian -Wings: Supermarine Spitfire LF.16

A new Datafile is on line on the Belgian Wings reference website this time it covers the first Belgian post-war fighter: the Supermarine Spitfire LF.16.