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[Airshow] AIR LEGEND 2021



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CANCELLED La Ferté Le temps des hélices 2020

Another bad news, let's meet together there next year


[cancelled] Announcement Sanicole Airshow 2020

Forwarded message - De : International Sanicole Airshow <>

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Dear Sanicole Insiders,
With a lot of awe we followed the recent national and international media. All countries are going through a very difficult time. Within our organization we have therefore intensively discussed the possible continuation of our airshow in 2020 and with great regret we must inform you that we have unanimously decided to cancel the 42nd International Sanicole Airshow this year and postpone it to September 10 & 12 2021.
Sanicole is a family organization, by and for families. Safety on the ground and in the air has always been our absolute top priority, but this safety has taken on an additional dimension for us since COVID-19 and we must take our social responsibility in this regard.
Our pioneering role as an event in emergency planning and medical care means that for many years we have been able to count on a very large group of top medical professionals who, besides their job, are selflessly committed to supporting our event. This medical branch of our Sanicole family is currently under severe pressure in the various hospitals in our region where they work. Even if September still seems a long way ahead, we know that the coming weeks and months will continue to be a very difficult period for them and we think we cannot request an additional commitment from them in the autumn during our air show.
Sanicole is an international event with more than 40.000 visitors every year. About 35% of these visitors come from abroad, but we also have an audience that captivates all family members, young and old. It therefore seems evident to us that, in the given circumstances, bringing this mix up on a large scale on a limited surface, even in the autumn, is not an option .
As a Sanicole family, we will continue to support all volunteers and healthcare staff who are helping others, during this difficult period and hope that everyone will do their best to come out of this together as quickly and as strongly as possible.
We will be present again on September 10 & 12 2021 to overload you with incredible afterburners, impressive aerobatics and the other beautiful things aviation stands for. But for now: keep it safe and healthy!
Kind Regards,
Geoffrey Buekenberghs
Airshow Director

International Sanicole Airshow
September 10 & 12, 2021 



Open Deur 2020 Goetsenhoven GEANNULEERD !

Sad news but ready for 2021

Forwarded message - De : jozef vandevorst
Beste standhouders, deelnemers, piloten, sponsors,…

In naam van Aeroclub ULM Goetsenhoven en Aeroclub De Wouw,
Moet ik met spijt jullie melden dat onze Open Deur Vliegveld Goetsenhoven op 5 & 6 september 2020  GEANNULEERD wordt.
Gezien de Corona-toestand hebben de bestuursleden van beide clubs overeengekomen dat het beter is om ons evenement te annuleren. Evenementen zullen tegen het einde van de zomer wel weer mogen, maar daar is nu nog geen zekerheid over.
We zullen ons in de nabije toekomst inzetten voor de 100ste verjaardag  Vliegveld Goetsenhoven op 4 & 5 september 2021. Wij hopen tegen dan op jullie aanwezigheid!

Hopende op jullie begrip. Hou het safe allemaal!!!

Jozef Vandevorst
                           ULM Goetsenhoven/Open Door Team 2020


The show must go on

Published by my friend Erwan Garel on his facebook page. 

Bien sûr on peut penser qu'il ne s’agit que d'un spectacle, que d'une sortie du dimanche, que d'un passe temps pour « spotters »...
Bien sur ce n'est qu'un secteur parmi d'autres qui va être lourdement impacté par cette crise sanitaire du nom de COVID-19...
Mais derrière les meetings aériens, derrière cette façade il y a bien plus !
Il y a des organisations de plusieurs mois, et même d’années...
Il y a des organisations, des associations, des entreprises, exposants, restaurateurs, artistes... dont le budget dépend de ces quelques week-ends...
Il y a des femmes et des hommes qui risquent de mettre un genou à terre !
Et il y a les avions, certains diront ces jouets de riches, mais qui souvent appartiennent à des associations, à des musées, à des entreprises et dont le financement dépend de leur participation à ces meetings et dont l’économie est bien fragile...
En fait c'est notre patrimoine aéronautique qui est en danger, aussi, dans cette crise du COVID-19, en plus du reste qu'il ne s'agit pas ici d'oublier !
Alors que tous les meetings aériens sont tour à tour annulés ou dans le meilleur des cas reportés, avec l'espoir de réussir à maintenir un plateau viable, souhaitons à tous de s'en sortir au mieux...
A bientôt sur les Tarmacs, et surtout dans les airs !
The show must go on... Smoke on !

Erwan Garel Photographe aéronautique et aérien
Photographe Aviateur. "Votre image prend de la hauteur !" Aérien - Aéronautique - Reportage - Corporate - Immobilier
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Grand Meeting Aérien, Dimanche 6 Septembre 2020

Thank you the to (Great) Rolling Spotter



Picture Album Air Legend Melun Villaroche 2018 Marine Nationale Rafale MS Paris Vampire 2018 09 08

The Air Legend Airshow in 2018 was a great show, here a few pictures of the Marine Nationale demo.
The 2019 edition is promising with a lot of premieres see


Meeting de l'Air Orange The Belgians were there

Twice a year, the Armée de l'Air and the Fond Social de l'Armée de l'Air (FOSA) organize 2 airshows. This year it was in Orange (BA115). Vador was on the display list but we had also tother good surprises.

More to come

Click on the pictures to see them in greater size

Friday May 24th 10:03 2 F16 in the circuit 


and the F16 of the Squadron 350 specially decorated for D-Day celebration

The good surprise

With the Mont Ventoux in background

13:34 two more Alphajets ?

Another surprise AT06

And AT15

And 16:17 FA-124 from Squadron 349