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Sunday, 15 March 2020

SBAP site update on 15-03-2020

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

his week on SBAP web site:
Special Republic of China)
Week 4
Taiwan: Taipei City Arms Park
The duty of remembrance will forever remain one of the most important things to instill in
young people. The Taiwanese by their Asian culture are very attached to it. A park in
memory of soldiers who have disappeared on active service, whether they are from
the army, navy or air force, has been erected in the new city of Taipei.
A visit was essential as part of our reports on the different bases of the island.
Presented by: Philippe Decock

Taiwan: Gangshan Aviation Museum

After all the visited bases, it was time to meet the past of this Air Force. Mostly equipped
with American aircraft, the ROCAF used also some indigenous built aircraft. The museum
located near the Gangshan Air Base is really interesting and can be qualified of one of the
best Asian aviation Museum. Follow us to have a look on a real interesting panel of ROCAF
aircraft but also some enemy planes brought by pilots of the People's Republic of China
and which passed under the colors of the Chinese republic of Taiwan…
Presented by: Philippe Decock

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