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Friday, 4 May 2018

KZIA - the world's newest (and most interesting?) international airport

Forwarded message - From: Zoute Air Trophy

Knokke Zoute International Airport - KZIA (EBKZ)

Not only will the beach be an official, legal airport - but the Belgian Interior Ministry have just confirmed that our little airport will be fully international.  There will be border guards (police/customs) throughout the event for non-Schengen arrivals and departures!  Straight into the beach from the UK or Iceland!  Or Canada or Russia - just remember you have 600m to land though...

There is the official Facebook page, for more information (and of course the official website).  There is also the Facebook group for Zoute 2018.

With huge thanks to the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Police (and the Air Police of Kortrijk-Wevelgem particularly).

Knokke-Zoute International Airport is open for arrivals starting 0900 on the 14th June!

Go Air Trophy!

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