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Thursday, 4 May 2017

André Dillien left us for his last flight

We learned this evening the death of André Dillien. We are all orphan. André started his career in aviation after WW2 as a radio telegraphist at the Brussels airport. He was from modest origin but he progressed and his permanent learning capability was an example for all of us. He worked for the Belgian civil authorities in Belgium and Congo reaching the position of number 2 of the civil aviation authorities in Congo after the independence. He flew aircraft as DC-4, DC-6, DH Heron. At a certain, he needed to have 2 suitcases to store all his logbooks, licences and diplomas. He later worked for OACI being the regional head for Africa and Asia helping local civil dept. A few years before his retirement, he came back in Belgium and worked on the Brucargo project.

It was no questions of retirement for André, he maintained civil register lists updated every months and published booklets every quarters (Air Info). He shared his registers freely with anyone interested. He developed radio procedures trainings for future pilots.  So, he was a significant aviation evangelist having a deep influence for the Belgian aeronautical community.

André was also a dedicated director with the Vieilles Tiges of Belgium until recently, a regular contributor (and a reference) for Air Britain and a volunteer at the Brussels Air Museum since the origin of the Museum.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of André.

Perpetuate his spirit and dedication is a the next frontier for all of us.