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SBAP site update on 22-05-2011: Events : Mid-air collision in Koksijde

Text & Pictures : Marc Arys © sbap 2011
During the F-16 solodisplay routine the aircraft collided with a civilian aircraft, which happened to have entered the airfield zone.
Both aircraft crashed onto the airfield, the F-16 into a parking lot.
The pilot of the F-16 ejected, but was seriously injured.
The occupants of the civilian aircraft also sufferd multiple injuries. Other victims, with one deceased person, were to deplore in cars hit by the crashing F-16 into the parking lot.
Military emergency services were rapildy on the scene and together with the civilian services, called upon, organised the rescue of the victims.
A VMP (Vooruitgeschoven Medische Post – Forward Medical Post) was installed and the ‘GMP’ (Gemeentelijk Rampenplan – Community ‘Disaster’ Plan) was issued.