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video: "Hawker Hunter - Part 1"


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The Hawker Hunter was a British jet aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s. Operationally the single-seat Hunter performed as a maneouverable fighter aircraft, later on as a fighter-bomber, and for reconnaissance in numerous conflicts; while two-seat trainer variants remained in use for training and secondary roles with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy until the early 1990s. The Hunter was also widely exported, serving with 21 other air forces; and 50 years after its original introduction it is still in active service, operating with the Lebanese Air Force.

On 7 September 1953, the modified first prototype broke the world air speed record, achieving 727.63 mph (1,171.01 km/h). Hunters were also used by two RAF display teams; the "Black Arrows" who on one occasion looped a record-breaking 22 examples in formation, and later the "Blue Diamonds" who flew 16 aircraft.

Overall, a total of of 1,972 Hunters were produced by Hawker Sidde... more
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