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Saturday, 21 November 2015

[vintage-and-warbirds] Navy Releases Definitive History of Naval Aviation Online

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Of more interest, and more detailed, are the back copies of Naval Aviation News from 1943, available in pdf format from 1943 to late 1990's when the format changed to html.

There are other very interesting links to US naval aviation documents

Just downloaded the whole book for free and it looks pretty interesting…..

Navy Releases Definitive History of Naval Aviation Online

Story Number: NNS151105-11
Release Date: 11/5/2015 2:25:00 PM
By Jim Caiella
Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy released online November 4, its recently-published, two-volume history of U.S. naval aviation.

United States Naval Aviation 1910-2010 by Mark L. Evans and Roy A. Grossnick (2015, ISBN 978-0-945274-87-2, hardback, two volumes) is the Naval History and Heritage Command's fourth update to the original history which was initiated in 1960. That first issue celebrated the first 50 years of United States naval aviation and this two-volume set commemorates the centenary.

Previous editions have proved an invaluable first-stop research tool to aviation, naval, and military historians. This latest update breaks U.S. naval aviation history into two volumes: Chronology and Statistics. Both have greatly increased content over the previous version beyond simply including years not previously covered. New and expanded research makes these the definitive volumes on U.S. naval aviation's first century.

This and other free Naval History and Heritage Command publications can be found here

Hardbound copies of the book are available from the Government Publishing Office website,

About the Authors

Mark L. Evans is a Navy veteran and historian who researches and writes the histories of the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships for the Naval History and Heritage Command. His professional writing also includes several books: The Most Illustrious Name The USS Enterprise (CVN-65); Volume I of United States Naval Aviation 1910-2010 (with Roy A. Grossnick); and Great World War II Battles in the Arctic; as well as numerous papers and articles. He resides in Virginia.

Roy A. Grossnick, former head of the Naval Aviation History Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command, is a Navy veteran and holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point and Madison. He is a recipient of the Arthur W. Radford Award for Excellence in Naval Aviation History and Literature for creating the Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons series and authoring the first volume in 1995. Mr. Grossnick worked on the third edition of United States Naval Aviation, 1910-1980 and was the guiding author for the 1910-1995 update. After his retirement in 2008, he continued to work for the command as a historian/archivist consultant and is responsible for researching and updating Volume II, the statistics for United States Naval Aviation, 1910-2010.

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