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Video : Ride in a TF-104 Starfighter

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Ride in a TF-104 Starfighter ( see video at the end)

Here's a little more update on these 104s flying out of the Kennedy Space Center.
CEO and President of "Starfighters Inc" Rick Svetkoff.

Picture of the TF-104 flown in the 104 supersonic flight video out of the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) home base of "StarFighters Inc."

Starfighters pilot and owner Rick Svetkoff in the cockpit of one of the Starfighters already in service with the company. Photo credit: NASA/Gianni M. Woods

"SFA strategically acquired four more F-104's from the Italian Air Force, the world's last F-104 operator. This will allow SFA to operate the world's latest upgraded F-104 supersonic fleet" says Company President Mr. Rick Svetkoff. - The current F-104 fleet will be further enlarged during 2013/2014. The former Italian 104's Jets have the latest power-plant, avionic and airframe updates. The new jets meet the highest safety military standards relaying on latest Marting Baker ejection Seats.

Short clips version of the Starfighters Inc F-104 Demo Team performance as seen annually at the TICO Warbird Airshow 2011

This aerial photo of the runway at the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility looks northwest. Longer and wider than most commercial runways, it is 15,000 feet long, with 1,000-foot paved overruns on each end, and 300 feet wide, with 50-foot asphalt shoulders. The runway is used by military and civilian cargo carriers, astronauts' T-38 trainers, Shuttle Training Aircraft and helicopters, as well as the Space Shuttle.

Under an agreement with Kennedy Space Center, StarFighters Inc. calls a hangar at the Shuttle Landing Facility home. The company's goal is to serve as a research and development platform – one whose repertoire expands across a variety of venues such as "evaluating rocket and spacecraft in high-stress environments including high-acceleration and microgravity". At this time, Embry-Riddle University and Space Florida are already on-board with the team.

One of the existing fleet of F-104 Starfighters is joined by the newer, but not yet assembled, jets the company bought from Italy.

Ride in a TF-104  Starfighter     ( too long , see start, middle , end)

F104 Supersonic Flight, 8/5/2012 by isilver78