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Event 2021 09 04 1st Aviation and Airline Collectibles Event Brustem Airfield

More information from Poly (en Dank u)

Dear Aviation friends,  

The 2021 Brussels Aviation Collectible Show is once again cancelled. The Koninklijk Atheneum in Zaventem near BRU airport is not in a position to meet our demand. 

On the other hand, we are extremely happy to offer you a new and exciting alternative in the form of the 1st Aviation & Airline Collectibles Event - Brustem Airfield (ICAO: EBST) in the large former Belgian Air Force CM170 Fouga Magister aircraft hangar 27 where Fenix Recycling is dismantling aircraft. The hangar is located on Lichtenberglaan, Sint-Truiden 3800, Belgium, only 350 metres from the DronePort. 

The event is sponsored by Fenix Recycling and will take place on Saturday 4 September 2021 from 09:00 till 16:00. 


After nearly two years of restrictions, the 1st Aviation & Airline Collectibles Event - Brustem Airfield will be the place to be where you can find everything you need for your hobby: slides, photos, postcards, aircraft models, small and large aircraft parts, books, manuals, aircraft seats, safety cards, posters and other aviation memorabilia's. You will meet again collectors from other European countries. 


We are pleased to inform you that the registration & booking is now open! 

How to register as an exhibitor and book a space? Simply send us an e-mail to or and we will send you the payment details to confirm your space(s). 

Opening hours for visitors are from 09:00 till 16:00. Exhibitors will be allowed to arrive as from 07:30 and to slowly start packing as from 14:30. If you need to leave earlier than 15:00, you will be required to let us know. 


Free parking is available in front of the Fenix Recycling hangar. 


Attention – bring your own table! You have the opportunity to rent a ground space inside of the hangar and as such you are required to bring your own table(s). Bringing a table is not mandatory, you may also display your memorabilia and collectibles on the ground. Behind your dedicated space, airline passenger seats will be provided, either a set of two or three seats coming from either F-28, A320 or Dash-8 aircraft, so no need to bring your own chair(s). 


First come first served! To allow a minimum of one metre between each exhibitor’s space, we have limited space for rent so do not wait the last minute please. Thank you. 


The space price (minimum 2 metres length, 1 metre width) for exhibitors and space combination are as follows: 

2 metres space: €15  

3 metres space: €20 

4 metres space: €25 … etc. so each incremental metre is only €5. 

Strictly no back table opportunity due to space restrictions and to allow social distancing. 


With each registration and space booking (whatever the number of metres or combination), you will receive two free entrances.  

Admission fee for visitors is only €5 and Free for spouse, partner and children under the age of 12. 


During the convention, you will have a fantastic opportunity to experience a ‘Sensation Flight’ onboard the Mirage 5 BD 09. More details at: 


After or during the convention, you may consider visiting the DronePort, a manned and unmanned aviation campus and incubator unique in the heart of Europe at the former military EBST airbase. You will also be able to enjoy top quality dishes in an inspiring ambience with a unique view of the airfield. 


Looking forward to receiving your booking. If any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! And we hope to see you all on Saturday 4 September 2021 to be back together and share our common passion for aviation. 

Don't hesitate to share the attached flyer with your friends, on Facebook, on aviation related websites, etc. 

Thank you. 


Kind Regards,

Eddy Vanhaute 

Guy Van Herbruggen