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[Daco] Black Friday weekend discounts on all DACO items (632)

Forwarded message - From: DACO Products 


I would like to inform you that there's currently (and this until 'Cyber' Monday) a special discount of -15% on all my decals,  books, F-104G update sets, Boeing 737 kits and all other products…

And if you missed it at my anniversary discount week: I would like to introduce my newest acquisition to you. Specially for DACO Products, TANmodels from Turkey has made a production of its 1/24 Bayraktar TB2 UCAV drone - the drone that has become very famous in recent months by targeting Russian tanks and ships in Ukraine - and this box is now offered by DACO with Ukrainian and Turkish markings WITH A SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT of -25%!!!...

Also, I want to let you know that I have recently found a large number of sold out decals, and if you are looking for specific Belgian F-16 Sqn, Seaking, USAFE A-10 and/or Sabena decals: a small number are still available via a separate "nowhere-to-be-found" page on my website...

All of this is now on my website


Danny Coremans
DACO products