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[Brussels Airlines] Discover the magic of Amare

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Ibiza 62 True   
Barcelona 64 True   
Lyon 66 True   
Bilbao 45 True   
Ljubljana 52 True   
Prague 60 True   
Geneva 55 True   
Stockholm 65 True   
LAYOUT: hero LANGUAGE: EN IMAGEPOSITION: TITLE: The new Amare comes to life CTA: Discover the new Amare ALT_TEXT:
The new Amare comes to life

We have been bringing the world to Belgium for years, but also showing the best of Belgium to the whole world. Thanks to a brand new Amare, including a magical layer of augmented reality, we will highlight even more one of those Belgian masterpieces: Tomorrowland.

LAYOUT: hero LANGUAGE: EN IMAGEPOSITION: TITLE: Festival hunger? CTA: Partying in Europe from €45 one-way ALT_TEXT:
Festival hunger?
We'll have to wait a while for the Belgian festival summer, but elsewhere in Europe you can already get partying. How about Primavera Sound Barcelona, Nuits Sonores in Lyon, or rather a few days in Ibiza? The choice is yours!

Our favourites:

Ibiza From 62
Barcelona From 64
Lyon From 66
Bilbao From 45
Ljubljana From 52
Prague From 60
Geneva From 55
Stockholm From 65
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