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3D Spitfire cockpit

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Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX Cockpit Interactve Panorama
Explore the cockpit of a 1944 Spitfire HF9 High Level Fighter in this most detailed panorama that shows and explains all cockpit details.
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WWW.AVIATION-PHOTOGRAPHIE.NET : Nouvel article - Once upon a time... Spitfire MH434


Lors des Belgian Air Force Days 2016, le Spitfire Zoulou Delta Bravo (ZD-B) fait partie du somptueux spectacle aérien programmé depuis la base aérienne de Florennes, les samedi 25 et dimanche 26 juin 2016. Ce magnifique Spitfire LF Mk IXb portant les codes ZD-B et le numéro de série MH434 est un authentique vétéran des combats aériens de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Saviez-vous qu'une partie de son histoire fait aussi partie de l'histoire de la Force aérienne belge ? Saviez-vous qu'il a été piloté par les premiers pilotes de la 350e escadrille qui fête précisément cette année son septante-cinquième anniversaire ?
A SPITFIRE VETERAN OF THE 350 SQUADRON IN 1944 WILL FLY DURING BELGIAN AIR FORCE DAYSDuring the Belgian Air Force Days 2016, the Spitfire Zulu Delta Bravo (ZD-B) takes part to the beautiful airshow programmed at Florennes air base on June Saturday 25 and Sunday 26. This magnificent Spitfire LF Mk Ixb wearing ZD-B markings and the serial number MH434 is an authentic veteran of the World War II aerial combats. Do you know that a small part of its history is a piece of history of the Belgian Air Force as well ? Do you know that it has been piloted by the first pilots of the 350 Squadron which celebrates its 75th jubilee this year.


Video: "Spitfires In Flight (1943)"

Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown. Possibly Italy, 1943.

Spitfires in flight.

Excellent air to air shots of Hawker Spitfire Mk Vc fighter-bombers flying in formation. They are armed with large tank busted guns and small bombs. Planes peel off for dive. Good C/Us of the aircraft in flight.
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Twenty brand-new RAF Spitfires disovered in Burma

-  Historic planes buried in Second World War are to be shipped back to Britain after their mystery locations were discovered.
-  War leaders did not want them to fall into foreign hands when they demobilised in 1945.
-  Hidden in crates at a depth of 4ft to 6ft the RAF then forgot where they were.

Twenty brand-new RAF Spitfires could soon reach for the sky following a deal reached with Burma yesterday.  Experts believe they have discovered the locations of around 20 of the Second World War fighters buried at airfields around the country.

David Cameron has secured an agreement that they will be returned to Britain.

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