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Video: "Gordon Bennett Balloon Race (Brussels) Tinted (1925)"

Item title reads - Gordon Bennett balloon race. 18 balloons from seven nations compete - "Elsie", the British entry was wrecked by collision with train at Etaples. Brussels, Belgium.

L/S of hot air balloons slowly taking off, L/S of the crowd watching from the side. M/S as one balloon sails away, one of them is kept down with netting over the top. M/S of a lady and some men watching and smiling. L/S of a balloon sailing high up. M/S of various ones on the ground and another sailing away. L/S of crowds waving as one balloon makes its way up. One with 'USA army' on the side is tethered on the ground, another one sails upwards.

Note: this item is tinted yellow, there is a longer black and white version with the same title and footage on *PM0406*.
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Vintage Wings of Canada : Circles of Sorrow

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Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators

Two memorials, two completely different environments - many things in common. Follow this link to learn more

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