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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Collection Philippe Veys last update

Collection Philippe Veys last update

In August 2011, the collection Philippe Veys was given to the Brussels Air Museum Funds to be preserved digitally and put at the disposal of the aviation researchers.
Philippe Veys collaborated with many newspapers before World War 2 and collected documents about aviation. The Belgian Aviation History Library was selected for her capability to convert great quantities of paper to digital archives permitting easy access and the diffusion of this collection, the result of many years of hard labour of an Aviation Enthusiast.
We are proud to publish these documents and share them with the aviation community.
If you want to use these documents, please mention Collection Philippe Veys. 

Access to the collection here

Avions Lioré et Olivier Hydravions, Lioré et Olivier, 193x, 34 p, coll P Veys.pdf
32 MB
Booklet describing the production of the French Lioré et Olivier company in the year 1930's. From the the P Veys collection, saved in pdf, please mention collection P Veys if you use the document

Avions_Dassy_193x_, 4 p Coll_Veys.pdf
2 MB
 4 pages in pdf advertising for Avions Dassy from Brussels Belgium, Coll P Veys, please mention Coll P Veys if you use the document

Bristol Bulldog, Bristol Aeroplane CO Ltd, 193_,  19 p, Coll P Veys.pdf
10 MB
 19 pages scanned in pdf format describing the Bristol Bulldog in English