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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

HELP HELP HELP : Last book of Peter Celis to be delivered from Zutendaal to Duxford this week end

Hello happy fews,

Who can help Simon ?

I think Lucien organize a trip this week end to Duxford.
If ever you can help please contact directly Simon.

Waiting with impatience to read the last opus of Peter

Many thanks in advance

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De : Simon Watson <>
Date: mar. 9 juil. 2019 à 07:13
Subject: books
To: <>

Hi Yves,

Hears a challenge for you….

Peter Celis has published a new book on the AIR WAR in Ardennes

It gets delivered to Zutendaal, near Genk on Thursday

I don't suppose you know anyone living in that area who is going to Duxford this weekend?

Or do you know anyone going to Duxford and maybe the guy can deliver

Many thanks



Yves Duwelz

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