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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Imperial War Museums just uploaded a video : The Spitfire lost for almost 50 years

Imperial War Museums has uploaded #IWM100years - The Spitfire lost for almost 50 years The story behind Duxford's ...

Imperial War Museums has uploaded #IWM100years - The Spitfire lost for almost 50 years
Imperial War Museums
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Video : "F16 and Spitfire / Belgian Air Force [Full HD]"

The show was so beautifull, I forgot to take pictures of this moment
Vidéo sur la démo solo display du F16 belge et du passage avec un Spitfire lors du meeting aérien à Florennes (Belgique) 22/23 et 25/06/2012.

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Video : Spitfire Mk1 Dunkirk Veteran
P9374 left the factory on the 2nd of March 1940 and was flown to No.9 Maintenance Unit for final checks before going on to 92 Squadron, based at Duxford, Eng...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WW 2 Recce Movie

Thx Didier,

Forwarded message From: Didier Campion


A wonderful testimony of wartrime.

Subject: WW 2 Recce Movie

This is a short film that was made from home movies tucked away in a bag for decades.  The film is about tracking down an American Spitfire driver 65 years after the War ended.  It's only 14 minutes long and well worth your time.  

New book : Spitfire survivors Volume II

After the success of Volume I, the Volume II will be availlable in JulyVolume II will be availlable in July. Some Belgians Spitfire provided never published pictures and information.

Pre order now from

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Video: "Spitfire MH 434 - Part 1/5"

Once upon a time this aircraft graced the sky of Belgium under the colours of the Belgian Air Force

Story of this particular Spitfire. Program from the second half 1990's. From an old VHS tape.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

BBC : Another Spifire returns to sky at RAF Coningsby

After an 11-year restoration, a Spitfire has taken to the sky over Lincolnshire.
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight chief technician Paul Blackah, Stuart Stephenson from the Lincolnshire Lancaster Association and Sqn Ldr Duncan Mason describe the achievement.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Monday, 29 October 2012

Video: "Spitfire Ace 1 of 4 - First Of The Few"

Four young pilots are given the chance to compete for the nine hours of operational training that a Battle of Britain pilot would have received and – in the only dual-seater Spitfire still in operation – find out exactly what it takes to become a Spitfire pilot.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Aerobuzz : Jetman rassemble sur un Spitfire

Inline image 1

Jetman rassemble sur un Spitfire

Sports Aériens

publié le samedi 15 septembre 2012
par Philippe Chetail

Une fois encore, Yves Rossy alias Jetman, l'homme volant, s'est illustré dans une nouvelle tentative (réussie) de vol en formation avec le Spitfire MK IX du Breitling Flying team…

Monday, 17 September 2012

Video Spitfire formations in Duxford

The "trade mark" of Duxford Flying Legends. Sometime, when the formations are flying nobody is no more talking, just our noze pointed to the sky. 

A special attention to Lucien who transports us Duxford so much time (and I hope for many years in the future).


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pictures : Flying Legend Duxford 2012 Spitfires and Balbo

Flying Legend Duxford 2012 Spitfires and Balbo
IWM Duxford -
3 Jul 2012
by Yves Duwelz
Some pictures taken at Duxford Flying legend on 30/06/2012 Why to go in Duxford ? To see Spitfire and the Baldo. Here they are See us at and
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Video : The German

Thx Dirk for sharing
The German
About this video:
"Written and Directed by Nick Ryan
Starring Toby Kebbell and Christian Brassington

10 minute short film

A British fighter pilot pursues the german ace that shot down his friend across sky and country... with murder in mind. But he discovers it's not so easy to kill a man when you have to look them in the eye

This was funded by an Irish Film Board scheme called 'Short Cuts' and was shot in November 2007. The Budget was €70K, and was used entirely on the live action components of the film - leaving a grand total of ZERO for visual effects!

I completed all the visual effects shots, over 120 in total, entirely by myself. Dave Head modelled the aircraft (and truck), but I textured, lit, animated and composited the shots over a six month period in 2008."


Thursday, 19 January 2012

HD video - 16-ship Supermarine Spitfire formation flight at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2010"

I was there !


Video footage of the 16-ship Supermarine Spitfire formation flight from the Duxford Battle of Britain Air show 2010.

Including engine start-ups, taxiing and take-offs. Supermarine Spitfire MH434, PL344, TE184, SM520, ML407, IAC-161, MJ627, SX336, SM845, MK732, TA805, BM597, EP120, PT462, TD248 and AR213

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012 : Spitfire redux: The WWII guns firing after 70 years buried in peat

Thx Phil for sharing

Spitfire graphic

An excavation at the site of a 1941 Spitfire crash in a bog in the Irish Republic
uncovered huge, remarkably preserved chunks of

plane and six Browning machine guns. After 70 years buried in peat could they be made to fire?
They certainly could, writes Dan Snow.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Video: "SPITFIRE Bande annonce VOST"

Thx Philippe for sharing


24 Novembre 2011 en DVD, BLU-RAY, et VOD

Mai 1940, seconde Guerre Mondiale. La Royal Air Force réquisitionne tous les pilotes disponibles pour faire voler ses Spitfires et repousser la Luftwaffe. Geoffrey Wellum devient alors à 18 ans le plus jeune combattant de la RAF. Dans les airs, les affrontements sont terribles, et bon nombres de ses camarades se font descendre. Désormais, une seule règle compte : mettre sa peur de côté pour avoir une chance de survivre.

Intense et romanesque, cette production BBC vous propulsera au coeur de la plus grande bataille aérienne de tous les temps. Avec 3 500 avions abattus, la Bataille d'Angleterre fut un des épisodes les plus marquant de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale. Partagez le quotidien de la Royal Air Force, et revivez l'intensité des combats.
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

SBAP site update on 18-12-2011

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