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Dogfight May 2013

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Put the dot on any pictures, drawings, blue spots or words, in order to lock on the target !
NEWS on the DOGFIGHT WEBSITE (click within the left column)
MEDIA Long life for the F16
READ A F-84F Thunderstreak across Europe by R. Bach — Mon avion et moi by C. Lindbergh
THOUGHT The " right stuff " was our breed
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The one who loses himself in his passion has lost less than whoever loses his passion …
There will always be a dogfight !
I'm waiting to be told how cobras, hooks, or vectored thrust help in combat.
They're great at air shows, but zero energy is a fighter pilot's nightmare.
Academics will never instill the spirit …
There are pilots and there are pilots…
With the good ones, it is inborn. You can't teach it.
If you are a fighter pilot, you have to be willing to take risks.
Is the RAPTOR an aborted success story ?
The GENERAL DYNAMICS B58 Hustler, the F111 were too far ahead of their time …
That has often be the case for the GD projects. Even the F16 project was considered as a fancy of the mind by the Chief Executive of General Dynamics: Dave Lewis.
Without John Boyd commitment to Harry Hillaker's (the developper), the project would have been cancelled. Randy Kent, a former GD engineer who launched the F16XL in 1979 (35% superior to the existing F16) has been involved in the RAPTOR development. Is it contagion ?
Those who missed, will not miss you…
True !
But there is always a way to retaliate, and, at the risk of being arrogant, after so many years, I'll break the silence.
Let me tell how I finally got behind their tail …
A last successful dogfight … against the " MIRAGE F1" piloted by the vassals of the MOD. On 26 January 1979, they had to make a guard of honor to the winner, my Falcon F-16, when it landed in Beauvechain, my mother base, .
Revenge is a dish best served cold, and my pleasure was to serve it !
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