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Video: "The Dassault Falcon Story, by Jean-François Georges"

A Documentary Narrated by Jean-François Georges © April 2013.

The Dassault Falcon brand is part of Dassault Aviation, the only company in the world that designs, manufactures and sells both fighter jets and business aircraft.

Dassault Aviation is the world leader in the integration of complex, advanced and innovative airborne systems. We have delivered over 2,100 jets since 1963 and we have a presence in over 80 countries across five continents.

Our current production line includes a full line of Falcon business jets, the Rafale fighter jet, and the nEUROn UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle). In addition, we have assembly and production plants in France and the US, service facilities on multiple continents and employ a total workforce of over 12,000.

Dassault Aviation is a member of Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault, whose annual revenues exceed €9 billion. We are active in business sectors ranging from industrial software to media, real estate to fine wines. Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault has reported a profit every year since its inception.

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