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[ BAPA News]: Latest news 20190228 : Chickinox Kot Kot

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Latest news

News 20190228: Chickinox Kot Kot 

After a very busy 2018, activities of 2019 are starting well at BAPA. The arrivals did not stop. The search for old aircrafts of Belgian design continues.

This month of February was marked with the arrival of a Chickinox Kot Kot in excellent condition. This ultralight is in the process of being cleaned and needs to be restored to the windshield and seats. The dashboard and engine are complete and in good condition.

The "Chickinox Kot Kot" (Chicken - Inox - side by side) was invented by Jacky Tonet in 1982 and produced by the Belgian firm Dynali from 1984.

Available in two-axis and three-axis versions, this Belgian tube and canvas would be produced for over 10 years and would be sold in more than 1,000 copies worldwide.

Call to sponsoring

The space is seriously lacking in the workshop. We ask for help from our members and supporters to find a safe and secure storage site. Developing an exhibition site would be a big step forward.

If you know of a former warehouse in good condition that could be made available to the BAPA, contact us via


Do not miss he Expo Renard in Evere.

Evere remembers his airport and The Renard Aircrafts through an exhibition to be held from Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 19h -  City Hall of Evere - Espace Delahaut .

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