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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Emergency exercise at Brussels Airport (pictures)

Some pictures of the emergency exercise at Brussels Airport on April 19th. A great demonstration of to demonstrate the peoples involved are ready in case of accident. Thank you to the Public relation dept and all the services of Brussels Airport. (click on the pictures to see) 

Everything is ready to start the exercise. A Boeing 737 with 80 passengers on board was hit by a bus. The bus is on his side and an engine fire started on the aircraft. 

The Firemen and Rescue Dept of Brussels Airport had left their barracks and are fighting the engine fire.

Figurants from the Red Cross and volunteers simulating the victims of the crass are evacuated by the firemen of the Brussels Airport Dept. The “passengers” played their role realistically. 

During the exercise, business as usual for the airport although some of personal are involved and need to react as for a real accident.

A small part of the personal and vehicles involved in the exercise including nearby firemen barracks, emergency services and police from around the airport. A lot of police and emergency services also send teams to participate and learn from the exercise. Cooperation between the different services was also an important part of the test. 

An emergency first aid post was setup in the new firemen barrack. The volunteers continued to play their role as victims.

Amongst the firemen involved, here members of the Brussels Regio rescue service.