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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

SBAP site update on 22-05-2019

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This week on SBAP web site:
Shuttleworth Season Premiere
As usual, the British airshow season is launched by the dynamic team of
Old Warden airfield. The theme this time was a remembrance to the Indochinese
and Vietnam War. The show was once again a tasty mix of different aviation era.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Pierre Taquet

RAF Marham…After the Tornado
Our goal was to witness the last days of the Tornado at Marham. Sadly
the event dates changed and the last flight was held two week before
our rest in the area. It was than the occasion to see the newcomer in action
and made an overview of the F-35B comcept. Ready? Go into the future.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Pierre Taquet, Philippe Decock & Archives

Beauvechain Air Base Day
Our team did a visit to the Easter holiday event organized by the
Beauvechain Air Base authorities to give an overview of the base activities
and the different job proposed by the Belgian Air Force. The event was a success
and the air display was one of the major attraction for young people interested in a
military career.
Presented by: Marc Arys
Pictures: Marc Arys, Patrick Brouckaert & Jacques Vincent

Events to come:
Duxford Air Festival
Don't miss the first airshow proposed by the Imperial War Museum of Duxford.
The first 2019 airshow will propose many attractions and also unusual flying
demonstration like a Strike Eagle and a Thunderbolt together to commemorate the
D-Day; a Whirlwind helicopter, the only airworthy and many other fantastic
flying machine from the RAF or private owner. Be there for the first opus!

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