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SBAP site update on 09-08-2020

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

This week on SBAP web site:

Brussels Airport: Covid-19 Flts (Part 18)Brussels Airport arrivals and departures between 02-08-2020 and 08-08-2020Here is another interesting week with among other things the daily visit of the Hungarian Air Force.
Civilian transport continues, charters go back and forth all day long and our beloved friend
Corona is back in force ... Why would you say ... The answer is a few lines above,
man, the superior being, the smarter than the animals (supposedly) does not keep still,
he has to go imperatively on vacation, he has to earn more money and all this without scruples
to put the rest of the world in danger of death…
Is the death of a loved one worth a deckchair by a swimming pool or a few euros more.
It seems that answer is yes for some!
Take care of yourself and the others if you don't want to live a second year of slump
(unfortunately she is on the right track ...)
Presented by Serge Van Heertum


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