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SBAP site update on 20-09-2020

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This week on SBAP web site:


SNAP 2020 @ Nörvenich
This is a purely national exercise aimed to rescue German citizens in crisis or war zones,
whether civilian or military. These are the air assets that are tested during the SNAP exercise
with as main goal perfecting the coordination between the different types of aircraft, whether
combat or transport. It is not common to see the Luftwaffe from this angle and this exercise
is a real opportunity to immortalize a panel of German flying machines.
Presented by Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: SBAP Team !!!


Oirschotse Heide
The "Oirschotse Heide" located near the city of Eindhoven is also known as the GLV5
training area and the site is used very intensively for exercises. While walking around this
reserve one can be faced with practicing soldiers who sometimes move heavy armored
vehicles and possibly at high speeds. The Dutch Air Force uses part of the reserve for
helicopter crew training. It is possible to witness some Chinook, Cougar or other Apache
in action. Follow us in the dust and sand of a combat area
Presented by Patrick Brouckaert


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