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SBAP update 02-09-2021

On Thu, 2 Sept 2021 at 08:50, sbap  wrote:

Dear aviation enthusiast,

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Red Flag 21-3
Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas, Nevada, is always a great event for
military aviation enthusiasts. Typically this exercise takes place three times a year with
RF YY-1 in January/February, RF YY-2 in March, and RF YY-3 in July/August.
There was no exception for the recent RF 21-3 exercise.
Presented by Chris Tonthat

U.S.N.T.P.S. New Colours
July 10th was a very hot and humid day in Houston, TX, after days of rainy weather.
I was at KEFD for a meeting just a stone throw away from the NASA hangar where the
T-38N fleet is kept and maintained. While conducting my business in the ramp area,
I took a quick glance at the NASA hangar and I noticed an aircraft that did not belong there…
To be followed…
Presented by Chris Tonthat

Brussels Airport: August Air Traffic
The month of August is now over and here is a little report from Brussels Airport.
First of all, the sky was not brilliant, to say the least, with a majority of grey, cold and
sometimes rainy days. A plane with blue sky in August 2021 is a real chance.
Finally, the month of August took another turn with the launch of Operation Red Kite,
which was set up to ensure repatriations from Afghanistan following the departure of
the Armed Forces and the capture of the capital Kabul by the Taliban.
Presented by Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Philip Verhasselt, Guillaume Waelkens


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