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[book] New Africa@War Series Digital Titles

Forwarded message - From: Polydore Stevens 
From: Helion & Company Ltd

 More Africa@War Titles Now Available in Digital Format
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More Titles in Helion's
Africa@War Series
Now Available in Digital Format!

New Digital Releases
Africa@War Series

Here is the next batch of digital format titles for the Africa @War series.
More titles will continue to be released as eBooks in the next few months.
Keep your eye on emails and the Helion website for more information.

Special Launch Offer!
Until Sunday 26th March, you can grab any of these PDF format titles at special launch offer prices - see below for details
RRP £9.99 Launch Offer £7.99
Buy PDF Now
RRP £9.99 Launch Offer £7.99
Buy PDF Now
RRP £9.99 Launch Offer £7.99
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RRP £9.99 Launch Offer £7.99
Buy PDF Now
Click on the image above to see the whole Helion Digital Editions range of eBooks.
eBook Formats
All books in the @War series have a large number of quite sizeable graphical images (photos, maps, profile images, diagrams, etc.) throughout the text, which makes them most suitable for a fixed digital format, so we have decided to make them available as PDF files only. They can be read on most devices such as PC, tablet, phone, & ereaders like the Amazon Kindle. PDF Readers such as Adobe Acrobat DC are widely available for free.
Techie Stuff
Helion Digital Editions have been extensively tested on a range of devices.
For any technical issues you may experience with any of your devices, you will need to talk to whoever usually helps you with your computer and IT issues. Helion & Co cannot provide technical support
How will I get my Helion Digital Editions eBooks?
We deliver these to your account on the Helion website, so you must have an account in order to buy Helion Digital Editions eBooks. If you don't have one, you will be prompted to create one.
When you buy any Helion Digital Edition, it will be added to the "Your eBooks" section of your Helion website account. So, all you need to do is log into your account, go to "Your eBooks" and click on the link for your digital purchase, which will then download with your web browser.
Your Helion Digital Editions purchases remain stored in your account, so you can download them again any time you need to.
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