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[scale modelling]DACO Anniversary discount, sold out decals now available and new Bayraktar TB2-drone kit (36)

Forwarded message - From: DACO Products 


By this email I would like to inform you that there's currently (and this until the end of this month) a special discount for DACO's 33rd Anniversary comprising -20% on all my decals, Decalsetting and paintings, as well as a discount of -10 % on all my books, F-104G update set sprues A and D, Boeing 737 kits and all other products (Bayraktar TB2 box set and F-104 Starfighter complete set are excluded from this discount)...

Also, I want to let you know that I have recently found a large number of sold out decals, and if you are looking for Belgian F-16 Sqn, Seaking, C-130, USAFE F-15 or A-10 and/or Sabena decals: a small number are again available via a separate page on my website...

And at the same time, I would like to introduce my newest acquisition to you: specially for DACO Products, TANmodels from Turkey has made a production of its 1/24 Bayraktar TB2 UCAV drone - the drone that has become very famous in recent months by targeting Russian tanks and ships in Ukraine - and this box is now offered by DACO with Ukrainian and Turkish markings.

All of this is now on my website (and especially for sold out decals you have to be quick)


Danny Coremans
DACO products


Very small batch of DACO's F-16 book available...

Just a small newsletter to let everyone know that I've finally been able to
get the last available individual print pages of the original "Uncovering
the F-16 A/B/C/D"  book in a small but nevertheless final batch binded as a
normal book.

After I've sent a copy to those who expressed an interest in this book in
advance, only a DOZEN copies remain now of this long sold out book. So if
you have an interest in getting a copy in your hands, it's now the time to

Due to the extra costs to do such a small batch, the price I have to ask is
50.00 euro + 13.50 p&p (registrated) shipped from Germany.

And although I suspect most of you got it already in your hands, but if you
I only have about 200 copies remaining of the english version of my latest
book "Uncovering the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter" ! So if you haven't got
it yet, and your planning to buy & build to future Italeri 1/32 Starfighter
kit (which has been improved based on this book), get it before it's too

No new news around my own 1/48 Starfighter improvement set yet (aside that
the test shots need a lot of corrections, and if we still can find space
some additional parts will be added...)

Also the Belgian Air Force Mirage 5 decals in 1/72 and 1/48 scale are now
available, as I've recently finished the instruction booklet for it. Ref
DCD7266 (price 8.50 euro) and DCD4866 (price 12.50 euro).

Best RegardsDanny Coremans
DACO Products