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Very small batch of DACO's F-16 book available...

Just a small newsletter to let everyone know that I've finally been able to
get the last available individual print pages of the original "Uncovering
the F-16 A/B/C/D"  book in a small but nevertheless final batch binded as a
normal book.

After I've sent a copy to those who expressed an interest in this book in
advance, only a DOZEN copies remain now of this long sold out book. So if
you have an interest in getting a copy in your hands, it's now the time to

Due to the extra costs to do such a small batch, the price I have to ask is
50.00 euro + 13.50 p&p (registrated) shipped from Germany.

And although I suspect most of you got it already in your hands, but if you
I only have about 200 copies remaining of the english version of my latest
book "Uncovering the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter" ! So if you haven't got
it yet, and your planning to buy & build to future Italeri 1/32 Starfighter
kit (which has been improved based on this book), get it before it's too

No new news around my own 1/48 Starfighter improvement set yet (aside that
the test shots need a lot of corrections, and if we still can find space
some additional parts will be added...)

Also the Belgian Air Force Mirage 5 decals in 1/72 and 1/48 scale are now
available, as I've recently finished the instruction booklet for it. Ref
DCD7266 (price 8.50 euro) and DCD4866 (price 12.50 euro).

Best RegardsDanny Coremans
DACO Products