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Today in Aviation History :: The Goliath

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Once in use with the precursor of Sabena, see also,goliath/Interesting

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The Goliath

Today in Aviation :: March 22, 2013

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On this date in aviation history, March 22, 1919, the world's first regularly scheduled international service began operations that linked two cities, Brussels and Paris, under the banner of the Lignes Aériennes Farman.  Flying a mix of Farman Goliaths with Renault power (the F.61) and Gnôme-Rhone-constructed, Jupiter power (in the F.63bis), the airline took off into history -- or at least a qualified history of sorts.  You see, it takes a little explaining after all to truly recognize just what was achieved....

Photo of the Day

The sole surviving Stinson Detroiter, an SM-1B, on display at the Reno Air Races. This airframe was the first aircraft used to fly sightseeing trips over the Grand Canyon, in 1927. Previously registered as N7468B.
Photo Credit:  David Lednicer

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