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Video : Vulcan to the Falklands

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Bien sûr que nous connaissions l'histoire, mais pas dans le détail. L'organisation du ravitaillement en vol avec les onze Victor est bluffante.
Excellent film de 47mn et anglais facile.

I wonder how many of you knew the story.
I certainly had not heard about it. It took place at the opening of the Falklands war, as a task force sailed towards the Falklands to regain control after the Argentinean invasion and occupation. In order to minimize the air threat to the task force, it was necessary to make the airstrip on the island unusable. The RAF brass proposed an audacious plan -- to send a Vulcan bomber down to drop ordinary bombs on it, rather than the nuclear variety they were originally designed to deliver. It makes a gripping story, and a great watch, Enjoy.

Be warned this YouTube video runs for 47 minuets

It was the first and last active service mission for Vulcans -- they were due to be scrapped and were, 6 months later. 

A bientôt BODO