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Book Junkers F 13

Found at Hoboken on the Aviation Bookshop stand, this book about the Junkers F13, one of the first true airliner. The full history of the aircraft is covered including the 4 Belgian registered Belgian F-13.
Essential reading for anyone interested in the history of aviation

In 1919 a small six-seater aircraft lifted off from an airfield in Dessau in Germany on its first flight. Designed and built in less than six months in a devastated Germany immediately after the First World War, its birth could not have been more difficult. It had demanded of its designer Professor Hugo Junkers, creativity, invention and much subterfuge against almost impossible odds.

Yet, within five years, this unassuming aircraft was serving three-quarters of all air routes within Europe, and went on to play a pioneering role in the development of a fledgling air transport industry in many parts of the world.

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