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Krakow archives : an example to follow

Until now the Krakow museum was already known for his rich collections and the world class quality of his aircraft restorations.

In my opinion, as in many occasions, they open a new way in aeronautical heritage preservation by putting some documents from their wonderful archives online.

Many museums are reluctant to act so due to byzantine discussions and misunderstandings about copyright laws.

By opening his archives world wide on the web, Krakow display the incredible achievements of Polish aviation. By giving access this museum ensure for the next generations these documents are available as well as part of the Polish heritage but also of the world heritage.

This initiative is also a formidable testimony of the tenacity to all those who preserved the aviation heritage of Poland during dark years.

I hope, many will follow this example including us.

Farman 220 manual

Argus engine catalogue 1916