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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Fairey Fox observer seat, cockpit and floor : Help please– A l’aide svp – Hulp aub

Since years now I am looking for information about the Fairey Fox observer cockpit, seat and floor.
Some witnesses talked of a « stool » but I never found any details on pictures.

However, I cannot imagine the King Leopold III or the prince Karel flying seated on a stool as passenger on Fairey Fox. F

As the observer handled cameras or the machine gun standing, a smooth floor should have been very sliding and dangerous.

Some discoveries in the last week are quite interesting but I need help to confirm.

Picture 001 Burned Fox in May 1940  : The floor can be seen with streaks parallel to the fuselage. What look like the base of a stool is also visible. 

002 Fox without cover during an exhibition. What look like the base of a stool as well as what can be the stool are also visible.

003 The most interesting and the origin of the current researches. The back of a seat is visible as well as a seat with room for the parachute sear. Such seats were installed on Fairey Battle.

004 Another burned Fox in May 1940. We can distinguish the seat and the streaks on the floor but no trace of the seat of the observer.

My current but not definitive conclusions are.

The floor was streaked as on the Fairey Battle and the stool was maybe a seat with a foldable back similar as the one of the Fairey Battle.

Any information or pictures confirming or providing more information is welcome.

Many thanks for your valuable help