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Friday, 31 July 2020

SBAP site update on 26-07-2020

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

This week on SBAP web site:

Brussels Airport: Covid-19 Flts (Part 16)
Brussels Airport arrivals and departures between 19-07-2020 and 25-07-2020
A week with a lot of passenger traffic, the last flight of the Belgian Air Force CH-04 and
a few military visitors. In short, a week which was normal for Brussels Airport traffic.
But we must face the facts, the reins were released too quickly by the authorities,
the "modern" human being (and fundamentally selfish) not holding in place had to go
and maintain his melanoma in the sun with as result, a second wave emerging and which
according to the estimations will be much worse than the first one…
This too early release in the name of the god money
One sentence, only one to remember: protect yourself and so you will protect the others!

Presented by Serge Van Heertum


Much more to come...Stay tuned…
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The SBAP team

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