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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Vidéo : "Perry Air 2013 Tiger Moth, Stampe and Cub vintage aircraft review. Formation flying and Aerobatics."

A look back at some of the highs of last Summer. My first summer operating with Perry Air, at Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, UK.

We operate a fleet of vintage aircraft, consisting of a Tiger Moth, Stampe SV4 and Piper Cub, with a couple of restoration projects underway too. We also operate 3 Piper Warriors, a couple of Tomahawks and are about to take delivery of an Extra 330LT.

Specialising in PPL, Tailwheel conversions, Aerobatics, IMC and Night Ratings, as well as revalidations, renewals and trial lessons on all aircraft in our fleet.


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