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[Book] Béton et zeppelins - NAMURCITADELLE.BE

The good news of the week end. Although this very good book is about the forts of Namur during World War 1. There is a long chapter (more than 100 pages) on the base of Zeppelin in Cognelée.
I was specially interested by the hangars as I have a scale model of one of the Zeppelin based in Cognelée. I found answers to most of my questions and much more.

The quality is at the same level as the book of Nicolas Clinaz on Morville with a lot of illustrations.

A must if you are interested in World War 1 or Zeppelins

I found my copy at the shop of the Royal Army Museum

Béton et zeppelins - NAMURCITADELLE.BE
Travaux militaires allemands à Namur, 1914-1918. Les commémorations liées au centenaire de la première guerre mondiale se terminent en cette fin d’année 2018. C’est l’occasion pour l’asbl Les Amis de la Citadelle de Namur de proposer un livre sur u…
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