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LIVRE LES SPITFIRE MK.V The Belgian et Dutch Squadrons

Forwarded message - From: Andre BAR <

Oui, le 14 décembre, le shop au musée l'attend toujours !!!!
Mais je viens de recevoir le livre de Listeman « LES  SPITFIRE MK.V The Belgian et
Dutch Squadrons » les Spit du 350 et 349 SQ, 40 pages et 8 jolis profils.
Beau travail.

Amitiés   DD

Squadrons! No.30: The Supermarine Spitfire Mk V – The Belgian and Dutch Squadrons
Paradoxically, the Mk.V, which ended up being the most numerous variant of the famous fighter built, was not even an intended development of the design. Indeed, it was only considered because of th…
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