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SBAP site update on 31-12-2018

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Dear aviation enthusiast,
Happy Year 2019…
All the best for our readers, supporters, collaborators…
and their loved family!  The SBAP team.

This week on SBAP web site:

Beauvechain Air Base, the last show of our Ambassadors
A kind invitation from our national Devils to see their last 2018 season flight
with as guest the other display and the opportunity to have a look at the
maintenance and line hangar. A pont of view and some interesting shoots
With the grey weather of October. Good show guy's !Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum
A last trio for posterity
2019 will be the end year for the venerable Seaking. On December 19th, 2018
it was the last possibility to let fly together the three last helicopters.
The RS-05 is now retired. They made a last trio flight above Flanders and
your preferred team could be the witness of this last trio for posterity.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Patrick Brouckaert, Philip Verhasselt, Mic
hael Moors (BAF via FB)
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