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SBAP site update on 22-06-2019

This week on SBAP web site: 
NATO Tiger Meet 2019
The 2019 edition was held at Mont de Marsan and sadly the legendary
French South West sun was not invited. This gave some surprising
and wet pictures. Follow our team photographer into the Tiger den.
Presented by: Philippe Decock
Pictures: Philippe Decock & Jacques Vincent
Events to come:
Shuttleworth Military Pageant (07/07/2019)
A fantastic airshow on the way with no less as eight
Hawker Hurricane and many other fantastic aircraft.
Don’t miss this Military Pageant 2019 edition!

All needed info’s can be found with following link:
Duxford Flying Legends (13 & 14/04/2019)
Don’t miss this renowed Warbirds airshow proposed
by the Imperial War Museum of Duxford.
The D-Day commemoration will be the moto of the
weekend. Be present and come to admire all those
machines that wrote the aeronautical history with a
great “A” and who especially fought for our precious freedom.

All needed info’s can be found with following link:

Much more to come...Stay tuned
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