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Friday, 7 February 2020

[BAPA News] Latest news 20200201: A Tipsy Nipper comes back in Belgium

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Latest news
News 20200201: A Tipsy Nipper comes back in Belgium
Dear Readers,
A new acquisition of a BAPA member. A tipsy Nipper in flying condition is coming back in Belgium. After a small repair, he will join the BAPA flying squadron.
The Nipper is the last production of the Tipsy light aircrafts studied by Ernest-Oscar Tips, manager of the Belgian Fairey plant at Gosselies.
The production was launched in two versions : complete in flying conditions or as a complete kit to assemble by an amateur building pilot. Appropriately registered OO-NIP, it first flew on 3/12/1957 in the hands of Bernard Neefs, Avions Fairey test pilot. Today, many Nipper are still flying and it continue to be chosen by homebuilder.
This Nipper #7 built as a Mk1 by Avions Fairey and registered OO-NIG on 17 april 1959. This registration is cancelled on 23/8/1962 as sold in France and registered F-PKVC in the homebuilt branch. Badly damaged on 17/3/1969, it is restored to flying conditions in 1982 with a VW 1600cc engine. Last change of registration on 19/11/2007 when it was registered 89-VC in the ultralight branch. It is the third oldest surviving Nipper and the oldest in Belgium.
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