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Trolley from May 7th to 12th may 1945

Trolley is the name of some missions flown by the USAAF from 7 to 12th of May 1945. Bombers operated over Belgium, Netherland and Germany to assess the results of the bombing operations.

Some stuning pictures taken over Belgium are on show in the sites below.  Markus Lenz rediscovered this story and share with us some of the pictures he found. 

Trolley Mission
La «Trolley Mission» était une opération militaire de l'U.S. Air Force en 1945. Cette mission consistait en des vols à basse altitude de l'armée de l'air américaine. Immédiatement après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, des photographies aériennes ou des…
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458th Bombardment Group (H)
458th bombardment group B-24 liberator 8th Air Force 458 Horsham St. Faith World War II 458BG 755th squadron bomb group missions crew eighth 458
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Luchtfoto's, luchtbeelden, luchtopnamen, vliegfoto's en foto's van Nederlandse en Belgische steden uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog, gemaakt tijdens de „Trolley Mission“ in mei 1945.
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Yves Duwelz

1 Wing Historical Centre Beauvechain

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More than a Museum

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News about Aviation in Belgium and related subjects focusing on restoration and historic subjects.
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