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[Book] Fairey Fox – Caught in the Tides of War

This is one of the good news of the beginning of the year.

When Edwin contacted me some months ago, I was not sure what was his project will be easy. Write a book about the Fairey Fox is facing some challenges. If we have some information about the Belgian aircraft, we are lacking reliable archives and some aspects are simply not well known. The Foxes were used in Switzerland and Peru, and it was very few information about these aircraft. There is a reference book about Fairey Aircraft giving some information about the development of the different versions, but new data were discovered since the publication of the book and the number of pictures in the book are limited.

This is where the approach of this book is different. Do not hope to find inside the details of all aircraft produced with the individual dates of delivery and when they left the service. But the book gives an excellent global vision of the history of the Fox. This is already a great achievement.

Other great surprises are the quality and the quantity of pictures. About the quality just to mention some pictures, I know original copies of the year 30’s, are reproduced in the book with higher quality than the original. A lot of editing was performed to enhance clarity and quality.

The book also includes some nice profiles.

Clearly a good reference about the Fairey Fox.

Book Details


Edwin Hoogschagen, with assistance of Amaru Tincopa and Yves Duwelz


120 pages, 145 photographs, 15 colour profiles, 210x224mm, hardcover




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