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Belgian Wings on Facebook : join !

Daniel created a group on facebook
After 2 days of existence, this is already a success story


Belgian Wings Research Centre

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We hare happy to announce the new Belgian Wings Research Centre at

This tool is for you to post your questions, answer or news.

To be an active user, please register

Daniel & Yves


New RSS feeds on

Thanks to Dirk, you get now 3 news real time channels of information about Belgian Space, the SV4-B Stampe Vertongen site and Wings of Memory. Thanks to the RSS technology implemented by Dirk, any update on his sites are immediately shared on and

The same technology is already used  to share information with our friends of and Ailes Militaires Belges

The RSS links are availlable on the right column on

You are welcome to share your news with our community.

Once again, united our horizon is wider.

Thanks Dirk & Daniel


video: "North American AT-6 in flight" Malle 2011

Another video from Kris

Kris has shared a video with you on YouTube:
North American AT-6A "16544/FY" N13FY in flight video shot from the back of Skyvan G-BEOL by Kris Brackx

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Malle Fly In & Photoflying days 2011  NEW

Video : "Take off in Sikorsky S.38" by Kris Brackx

Hello happy fews,
You are invited to take off in a flying legend thanks to Kris & Daniel

Many happy landings

Kris and Daniel has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Take Off from Malle airfield with the legendary Sikorky S.38 "Flying Yacht" Osa's Ark on 21/08/11 by Kris Brackx
© 2011 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
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Malle Fly In & Photoflying days 2011  NEW


18/08 - Famous aviation historian Georges Lecomte has passed away.

George Lecomte, the famous Belgian aviation historian has passed away. Over the years, Georges was responsible for a huge number of publications and his certainly was considered as "the" authority on Belgian aviation. No serious author on the subject could neglect to ask Georges' advice, which he always gave full of enthusiasm. The "Belgian Wings" Website could benefit largely from Georges' expertise and even up to a few weeks ago updates could be made thanks to his precious advice. Belgian Wings and BelgianAviationNews express their condolences to family and relatives.

(Picture courtesy André Bar)


Sikorsky S-38 flying boat "Osa's Ark" at Malle 19 - 21/08/2011

The unique and wonderful Sikorsky S-38 flying boat "Osa's Ark" will participate at the Photoflying Days and Fly In at Malle airfield between August 19th and 21st, 2011. In the legendary pre-WWII period Igor Sikorsky constructed his first flying boat which became the S-38. With their adventurous flights over the African continent, Martin and Osa Johnson would make this aircraft immortal. "Osa's Ark" is a perfect replica of this "flying Yacht" and will beyond any doubt be the star of the Malle event.

More information at and another Picture of Osa's Ark